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The deputy chief commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard is predicting war between Iran and the United States- and victory for Iran.

Since Islam prohibts the use of alcoholic beverages, one can only assume that some other mind-altering drug is responsible for this delusion.

Of course, given the proclivity of large segments of the American public to waive the white flag the moment waging war becomes inconvenient, I would be the last to say that our nation is incapable these days of losing a war to even Lichtenstein or Monoco. Never underestimate the capacity of the Left (and that tiny bunch of misfits that claim to be somewhere on the Right, the Paulistas) to want to surrender to anybody, anywhere.

But no. Iran is not about to defeat us in a war. Not in this space/time continuum.

Still, don't worry, Iranians. If your president or the Grand Ayatollah visits Washington, President Obama will be more than happy to bow to him anyway.

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The first martyrs of the Reformation

On July 1, 1523- 478 years ago tomorrow- the first martyrs of the Reformation, Johann Esch and Heinrich Voes, were burned at the stake in Brussels, Belgium for teaching the biblical doctrine that faith alone justifies.

Esch and Voes were Augustinian monks, as Martin Luther himself had been, and counted the Gospel more precious than their lives. When Luther heard the news, he wrote his very first hymn, A New Song Now Shall Be Begun, to commemorate their deaths:

1. A new song now shall be begun,
Lord, help us raise the banner
Of praise for all that God has done,
For which we give Him honour.
At Brussels in the Netherlands
God proved himself most truthful
And poured his gifts from open hands
On two lads, martyrs youthful
Through whom He showed His power.

2. One was named John, a name to show
He stood in God’s high favour.
His brother Henry, well we know,
Was salt of truest savour.
This world they now have left behind
And wear bright crowns of glory.
These sons of God had fixed the mind

Hello? Obama surrogate argues that- under yesterday's SCOTUS decision- the mandate is unconstitutional after all!

An Obama campaign surrogate, Gov. Deval Patrick (yes, that's his real first name) of Massachusetts, made a fascinating comment yesterday.

He denied that the individual healthcare mandate is a tax. "Don't believe the hype that the other side is selling," Gov. Patrick told reporters. "This is a penalty," Patrick said. "It's about dealing with the freeloaders."

In saying this, of course, he is in complete agreement with the Administration:

But here's the problem: if the mandate is a penalty, and not a tax, then yesterday's majority opinion written by Chief Roberts explicitly states that it's unconstitutional after all! Guys, you can't have it both ways. If it's a penalty, it's unconstitutional- by virtue of the very court decision you're celebrating. But if it's a tax, then isn't it time to be honest with the American people about it? HT: Drudge


Dr. Doug Dix of Deer Fern Farms- the breeder of my late and much-missed uromastyx roommates, Atvar and Muad'Dib (their baby pictures on the upper left of the first page linked to; they're the two on the left)- has expanded to a number of other species over the years.

But this one I never expected.

House holds Holder in contempt

The House has voted to hold AG Holder in contempt over the Fast and Furious scandal. General Holder has refused to release pertinent documents on orders from the White House.

It all continues to unravel....

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ADDENDUM: 17 Democrats- including, surprisingly, my own congresman, Leonard Boswell- crossed party lines to vote to find Holder in contempt.

This is no partisan witch hunt, folks.

Healthcare, POTUS, and Pyrrus

Suprise! The Supreme Court- with Chief Justice Roberts joining the liberals- has unexpectedly ruled Obamacare constitutional.

Disagreeing with President Obama, it interpreted the mandate as a tax.

The stock market responded to the ruling by taking a tumble. Describing Republicans with a noun usually associated with kennels, DNC executive director Patrick Gaspard gloated. He shouldn't have.

The mandate is hugely unpopular with a public much less polarized over the issue than the New York Times article linked to above suggests. If I were Mitt Romney, I'd be doing cartwheels right now. He's just been handed a huge issue.

Sure, the decision is a victory for President Obama- just like Hereclea and Asculum were for King Pyrrus (above, right).

Like Pyrrus, POTUS will have cause to rue his victory.

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It used to be that "oreo" was a pejorative for an African-American whose manners and values were more similar to those of the white community than his or her own. You know: black on the outside, white on the inside.

Not any more.

To say that this is stupid and offensive, Kraft Foods, is to put it mildly.

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So tell me again: what is this trial all about?

The police gave George Zimmerman a lie detector test the day after the Trayvon Martin shooting.
He passed.
Combine that with the one-sided forensic evidence and the testimony of the eye-witnesses, and is it any wonder the police didn't charge him?
The question is why there was a special prosecutor to handle an open-and-shut case. That, and why this incident ever came to trial.
Other than racism on the part of Zimmerman's accusers, of course.
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Hawks GM is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma

So what's the deal with Stan Bowman?

On one hand, he had a decent draft, and apparently made a move this week to bring elite goalie Roberto Luongo from Vancouver to the UC. Luongo refused to waive the no-trade clause in his contract because he wants to play in a small market.

But on the other hand, he can make absurd statements like this:

We don’t have to make moves. We can kind of be selective in doing things to improve our team going forward. It’s hard to say at this point if our team is going to be the same as it stands right now.

It's hard so say what to think of Stan Bowman at this point. Is he the totally clueless clown who really think the Hawks are just a tweak or two away from being a Stanley Cup caliber team again? Or does he have the brains to do what it's going to actually take to get us back there?

One thing is sure: if the Hawks don't at least to the second round of the playoffs next spring, Stan Bowman needs to be looking for a new job- or an awful lot of the…

Jimmy Carter strikes again!

As time goes on, and his commentary on world events gets zanier and zanier, I continue to be filled with wonder that I not only once admired Jimmy Carter, but voted for him over both Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan.

Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan, for crying out loud!

Now the former president whose name has become synonymous with fecklessness in office has accused the United States of "widespread human rights abuses-" through the use of drones to target terrorist leaders!

Whose side is this guy on? Does he really think that there is any way that we can defend outselves against these animals without risking collatoral damage? And what was I thinking back in 1976 and 1980?

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Obama supporters using racism as an excuse for their man's shrinking popularity

Just as the assault and attempted murder of George Zimmerman by Trayvon Martin resulted in accusations that Zimmerman himself was a murderer because he defended himself, so have the occasionally waning political fortunes of President Obama given rise to the use of racism as a cop out by his supporters.

Michael Baron comments here on the use of race by Obama supporters as an explanation for his decreasing popularity. I think he's pretty much on the mark.

As the campaign progresses, look for white racism to be increasingly used as an excuse should Mr. Obama's numbers in the polls continue to tumble. And if Gov. Romney wins this November, look for it to become the standard explanation on the Left.

Barone is right: if anything, reluctance in principle on the part white voters to vote the first black president in history out of office is, if anything, probably going to make this the first national election in history in which being an African-American is actually an advantage.

Pawlenty out; GOP leaders favor Rubio for VP

Tim Pawlenty- said to be the top choice of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's staff for vice-president- has asked not to be considered.

Meanwhile, GOP leaders apparently favor Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla).

I should say that the selection of Sen. Rand Paul (R-Cydonia) would be the one thing that could shake my support for Gov. Romney. Fortunately, it's not going to happen.

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Burning heretics, like burning coal, is bad for the environment

Ever hear of James Lovelock? He's known as the "father of global warming." More accurately, he's the orignator of the Gaia hypothesis- the notion that Planet Earth is best thought of as a living organism, of which plants and animals and even people are organs and stuff.

He hasn't recanted his concern about the environment. He still thinks anthropogenic global warmning is a major problem. But he also thinks that the "green" movement has changed from a movement based on science into a religion; that modern economies simply can't be powered by wind turbines and the like; that natural gas is our best bet to replace coal; and that the past alarmism of environmental activists about global warming- including Al Gore's and even his own- was hysterical.

Is the science, as we keep hearing from the Left, "settled?" Lovelock says this:

One thing that being a scientist has taught me is that you can never be certain about anything. You never know the t…

A very Bowman draft for the Blackhawks

Malcom Subban went to the Bruins, who don't really need him.

The Blackhawks- who really, really did- instead chose a seventeen year-old left wing from Finland, Teuvo Teravainen, who was expected to go much higher in the draft and who has been compared to Patrick Kane (but hopefully with more maturity). Teravainen can also play center, a crying need for the Hawks.

Not a bad choice at all. I can really understand grabbing a talent like Teravainen who somehow was still available even at the risk of losing Subban. I wouldn't have done it, but that doesn't mean there's not an upside.

Chicago also selected defenseman Dillon Fornier in the second round. Another decent pick, but only decent. And the goalie the Hawks finally selected- in the seventh round- was Matt Tompkins, who was rated tenth among North American goalies in the draft and whose numbers are not particularly encouraging. Another merely decemt prospect without much upside, a commodity with which the Hawks' syst…

Welcome to the Lord's family, Leah Libreasco!

Prominent atheist blogger Lea Libresco has converted to Catholicism.

Ok, she still hasn't come the whole way home to the faith of the apostles as recorded in the New Testament. She still hasn't accepted the teachings of Christianity on homosexuality. Nor has she even completely accepted the teachings of the Catholic church (neither, of course, do I). Personally, I think it's good that she hasn't accepted the Catholic teaching on contraception, which I find nowhere in the teachings of the apostles, either explicitly or implicitly.

But Leah is now my sister in Christ. What can I say but gGracias Deo?

Kinda says it all

In fairness, Mr. Obama took over in the wake of the Collapse of 2008, and had zero momentum going for him. But at the same time, the past four years have demonstrated conclusively that his policies are not the ones we need to start the employment rolls growning again.

Better to have a president who actually understands how these things work.

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Obama-Biden 2012 campaign song?

'Twould be fittin'....

Pawlenty, Rubio lead Romney's short list of possible running mates

Tim Pawlenty- the working class "Sam's Club Republican" whom long-time readers of this blog will recall was my first choice fot the 2012 GOP presidential nomination- has emerged as the favorite among Mitt Romney's staffers to be their man's running mate.

Pawlenty, who has been known to greet supporters by putting them in an affectionate headlock, has the common touch Romney notoriously lacks. As one Romney staffer puts it, Pawlenty provides "a good ying to Romney's yang." The two men have developed a warm personal relationship.

The former Minnesota governor has impressed Romney staffers by emerging as by far the most effective Romney surrogate in campaign speaking engagements. An evangelical Christian and a strong conservative with a reasonable, low-key style which causes moderates and secular voters to see him as non-threatening, Pawlenty could help Romney with several constituencies which have been slow to warm to the presumptive presidential nomin…

Trayvon Martin to George Zimmerman: 'You are going to die tonight'

Here is George Zimmerman's account of the events leading up to the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman's father reported Martin's threat to his son's life in March.

It should be noted that the physical evidence and the consensus of the eyewitnesses by and large support Zimmerman's story, which is why the police initially declined to bring charges against Zimmerman.

But then, the real racists got involved...

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Watergate redux?

A House panel has voted to find Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for refusing- on the President's orders- to turn over documents in the Operation Fast and Furious probe.

The Obama administration is claiming executive privilege.

As if the Administration that Couldn't Shoot Straight didn't have enough problems, the President now finds himself in the midst of a full-blown scandal.

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Obama campaign resorts to 'rent-a hecklers'

Even in a tough re-election bid, you have to have people to heckle the opposition in order to show how out of touch they must be with the sincere and unfeigned will of the people to oppose you.

So what does the Obama campaign do when such people don't come forward spontaneously?

It hires them.

Yes, that's what I said. Throughout Michigan, it seems, the Obama campaign has been hiring people to heckle Mitt Romney.

But, hey. When the voters aren't buying what you're selling, you do what you have to do.

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Scientific and political heresy

To hear the Left tell it, conservatives- and especially Christian conservatives- are Luddites who reject science in the name of mindless dogma.

If so, we are not alone. It is no secret that that on the Left, scientific data is unwelcome if it leads to politically incorrect conclusions. Take, for example, Mark Regnerus's paper on same-sex parenting.

Despite questions about sample size and other flaws, no suspicion regarding the biases of previous researchers who have found no difference between parenting outcomes for same-sex and male/female couples (with lesbian couples allegedly outperforming male/female couples in some areas) have been prominently raised, and for good reason. Anyone with the slightest sense of our society today would realize that they would either go unreported in the media or be shouted down.

Regnerus's paper, which suggested that being raised by same-sex parents can have negative consequences, has received the latter reception. Its heterodox conclusions w…

Democratic residents of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, etc. note: Biden says the "great" cities are now in China, not America

Another indication that the Obama campaign is channelling Jimmy Carter's campaign of 1980: this guy is still on the ticket:

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Obama administration to implement major change in immigration policy- without Congressional authority

President Obama has made the poltiically-charged decision to stop deporting young illegal immigrants- unilaterally, without consulting Congress.

Mr. Obama once denied that he had the authority to do such a thing.

Since the plan closely resembles one advanced by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla), who is widely believed to be the front-runner for the Republican vice-presidential nomination and is himself an Hispanic, there may not be much upside for the President- except to the degree that local Democratic leaders can convince voters who have difficulty with English that it is his plan and that the Republicans oppose it. Four years ago, I remember seeing a network news interview in 2008 from the Little Village neighborhood in Chicago- the neighborhood where I grew up, and which has now been been predominently Hispanic for half a century- that President Bush opposed immigration reform, when in fact he had alienated large sections of his own party by supporting it.

If Rubio is Mitt Romney's run…

This takes media bias to truly bizarre new heights. On a stake.

HBO's Game of Thrones used George W. Bush as the model for a decapitated head displayed on a stake.

The network has apologized. And the head isn't displayed, er.... head on.

But dudes......on what planet would anybody sane have ever thought that this was 1) a good idea; 2) appropriate; or 3) acceptable?

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Why I'm suspending the tracking poll for a while; the most ominous sign yet for POTUS

This thing is too volatile, and it's too far out from Election Day for daily tracking polls to to mean much. So after today, I'm going to stop running the Rasmussen tracking poll every day for a while. I'll post it occasionally, but it really doesn't say much this early- especially in an election that's going to be as close as this one looks like it's going to be, and with the leader and margin changing so often.

Anyway, today's tracking poll: Romney 48%, Obama 44%, somebody else four percent, undecided four percent.

Here's a figure from Rasmussen that may be the most ominous one for the President yet: in an election everybody agrees will turn on the voters' perception of who can do a better job of turning around the economy, Gov. Romney holds a 50%-42% lead over the President.

More bad news for the White House: another blue state in which Romney leads among likely voters. Wisconsin has the former Massachusetts governor with 47% to Mr. Obama's 44%,…

Now here's a shock!

According to Rasmussen, Mitt Romney has a 47% to 46% lead over President Obama here in Iowa. Three percent prefer another candidate, and four percent are undecided.

I'm stunned. I frankly have never thought of Iowa- which has become increasingly liberal as the years have gone by- as being in play.

Rasmussen also says that Romney is leading in Ohio, Florida and Missouri. He and the President are tied in Virginia, a formerly reliable "red" state which has been trending Democratic in recent years because of population growth in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. Romney also leads in the most recent Rasmussen poll in North Carolina.

All but Missouri and North Carolina, where Romney has more substantial leads, are within the margin of error. But it's significant- to say the least- that President Obama does not apparently lead Gov. Romney among likely voters in any of the six key swing states.

The Republican candidate leads in today's Rasmussen tracking poll by four poi…

Ex-Clinton aides in panic mode over Obama re-election prospects

Political consultants James Carville, Stan Greenberg and Erica Seifert- all veterans of the Cinton campaigns- say that the Obama re-election campaign faces "impossible headwinds" unless it changes its approach to the problems of the economy.

Labeling the President's campaign as "negative and reactive," they argue that it's not enough to talk about the distance the recovery has come since Mr. Obama took office. The election will turn, they say, on which of the candidates can sell the electorate on his program going forward.

You can read the sixteen-page report below:

DCorps Economy FG1 Report2-FINAL

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I'm not sure the video below of Anthony Rizzo's 40-foot high laser the other day for the Iowa Cubs really does it justice. But I can't help but grin at the thought that this is our first baseman of the future- and that Soler and Jackson and Baez are in the pipe, too.

The Cubs will rise again- and sooner than a lot of people think.


Gallup reports that union members support President Obama over Gov. Romney by 57% to 35%. Non-union workers, on the other hand, support Romney by 48% to 44%.

What does this mean? Are union members propagandized by Left-leaning union leadership? Or is there a reason why Obama is better for union workers and Romney for everyone else, or at least perceived to be?

Today's Rasmussen tracking poll: Romney 47%, Obama 44%, Other 5%, Undecided 4%.

Voters trust Bill Clinton more than either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney when it comes to the economy, Rasmussen finds. Not surprising, considering how well the economy did when Clinton was president. Whether his policies or his predecessor's are responsible are another matter, but nothing succeeds like perceived success.

ADDENDUM: Only 24 hours later, a new Gallup poll is suggesting that union members are abandoning the president.

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CBS head: "Partisanship is very much a part of journalism now"

CBS head Les Moonves dropped the following into the mix at an Obama fundraiser last night: "Ultimately journalism has changed … partisanship is very much a part of journalism now."

No kidding. Like it hasn't been for at least the last 50 years or so?

Remember Bernard Goldberg?

Remember Rathergate?

Remember the last half-century of TV journalism in general, and of CBS News in particular?

There was once a time when at least the liberal media had the decent shame to deny their bias. Now, it seems, they simply let it all hang out, and dare the world to think the less of their professionalism.

Such as it is.

I really, really hope the RNC demands equal time for each and every episode of the Letterman show this Fall....

ADDENDUM: CBS officially denies that Moonves's statement applies to CBS.

And that's the way it isn't.


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I'll Have Another won't, and that's too bad

I was hoping that the unconfirmed report earlier today that I'll Have Another had been scratched from the Belmont Stakes was mistaken. Alas, not so.

Ok, this isn't a tragedy quite in the vein of what happened to Ruffian or Barbaro, but today's announcement that the Triple Crown hopes of the horse who captured the imagination of America have been dashed by a flairup of tendonitis on the eve of the Belmont Stakes has to sadden everybody, horse race fan or not. Having won both the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, I'll Have Another was favored to win the last jewel in the Triple Crown as well.

Now, we'll never know. The horse has been retired literally on the eve of a shot at making history.

I generally only pay attention during the Triple Crown, but I, for one, am bummed out. This horse will still have his place in history. But I'm sure it's a place its owners and fans would rather have seen him avoid.

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Clinton apologizes for talking sense about Bush tax cuts

President Obama's plan to let the Bush tax cuts (which benefitied all Americans, not just the rich, as the common lie goes) expire will deal a huge blow to the recovery. But Bill Clinton is now sorry for having pointed this out.

Meanwhile, it seems that key Democrats now believe that Mr. Obama could lose.

I wonder why.

No. Not really.

Meanwhile, some of the President's zanier reporters are pouting because he isn't radical enough for their tastes, and are threatening to sit this one out.

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Oh, dear.

President Obama: "The private sector is doing fine."

No, really. Can you even imagine what the MSM would do to Dubyah if he pulled a boner like that one in an economy like this one?

In a world in which Mitt Romney can get into trouble by explaining the legal definition of a corporation, want odds on this comment making Letterman's monologue tonight?

Keep talking, Mr. President. Please. The more you and Joe Biden talk about why we should re-elect you, the clearer it becomes why we don't dare.

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Romney leads Obama by one point- in Michigan!

A new poll by EPIC-MRA of Lansing shows Gov. Romney leading President Obama 46%-45%- in Michigan.

If this poll is anywhere near accurate, POTUS is in big, big trouble.

Meanwhile, the Romney campaign outraised the President's by $16.8 million in May.

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One word: Subban

The Blackhawks need goaltending above all else. And the crop in this year's draft isn't deep.

Here's the solution- and one that should be NHL-ready soon (a major plus): Malcom Subban of the Belleville, Ontario Bulls.

There is no excuse for not targeting this guy as the Blackhawks' number one choice in the draft.

Romney winning the battle for the middle class

According to Gallup, middle income and upper income voters both favor Gov. Romney- and by the same margin.

Sorry, Mr. President. The middle class just isn't buying it.

Though lower income voters do favor Mr. Obama. After all, his entire program is taking money from the people who don't vote for him and giving it to those who do.

If Mr. Obama is elected, there will probably be a great many more lower income voters. In which case it might be fair to ask whether the chicken or the egg comes first.

Wisconsin gives Walker its seal of approval; is Romney next?

The moonbats failed in their attempt to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker yesterday- and suddenly, the state is in play for Mitt Romney.

ADDENDUM: On Sunday, June 11, Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley accurately summed up what I think is the real message of the Waker vote: the common-sense belief of Wisconsin voters that "we shouldn't have recall elections for policy matters."

Anti-union crowing and pro-union despair are both out of place here. The issue in Wisconsin was always that crazies outside the political mainstream tried to use a mechanism designed to remove the corrupt and the incompetent to remove a governor they simply disagreed with.

The voters slapped their fingers- and rightly so. While this result is not without implications for the presidential race in November, a word of caution should be added: this vote was at least as much as much a vote for constitutional government, common sense and due process as it was an endorsement of the Republican program at any…

Senate Democrats warn White House on repeated leaks of classified material

Senate Democrats are warning the Obama administration about its leaking of information about a U.S. cyber attack on Iran, noting that it is only the most recent of a number of leaks about national security matters from this administration

Even Dianne Feinstein and John Kerry see the seriousness of the situation. Apparently the Obama White House does not. As Kerry put it, “A number of those leaks, and others in the last months about drone activities and other activities, are frankly all against national-security interests. I think they’re dangerous, damaging, and whoever is doing that is not acting in the interest of the United States of America.”

"This is the most highly classified information and it’s now been leaked by the administration at the highest levels at the White House and that’s not acceptable,” said Mr. Obama's 2008 opponent, Sen. John McCain:

The American people need to seriously ask whether we can trust this administration with our nation's secrets. The evi…

Obama gaffes yet again!

President Obama called his opponent, Mitt Romney, "George" last night at a fundraiser in New York.

George Romney (right) was Mitt's father, a former governor of Michigan who briefly sought the presidency in 1968. He was hounded out of the race when he described misinformation he had received about Vietnam from the Johnson administration as "brainwashing." A president's brain, the media sanctimoniously decided, should not be so easily "washed."

Like Obama himself, the elder Romney's constitutional qualifications to be president were challenged. Unlike Obama, however, George Romney actually was born on foreign soil, specifically in Mexico. His parents, however, were both American citizens. Controversy arose over whether being born an American citizen of American parents on foreign soil disqualified the elder Romney from being considered a "natural-born" citizen within the meaning of Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution.

Contrary to po…

Romney has three-point lead, favorability surges; Rubio for Veep boom grows

Today's Rasmussen tracking poll has Gov. Romney at 47%, President Obama at 44%, Someone Else at four percent, and Undecided at five percent.

Another poll, this one by CNN, shows Romney as having gained fourteen points in his favorability rating among voters in the last month.

Meanwhile, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio's stock as a Senate player is rising almost as fast as his buzz as Romney's potential running-mate.

Obama political guro David Axelrod says that the selection of Rubio would be an "insult" to Hispanic-Americans if seen as offsetting positions Republicans have taken that are unpopular among them. Rubio is a Cuban-American.

Unemployment among Hispanic-Americans is currently 11%, and the Obama administration has taken a series of positions hostile to Catholic values. Among these are attempts to force Catholic institutions to violate the teachings of their church and offer birth control services as part of their employee benefits plan. The Obama administration i…

Romney holds four point lead in tracking poll; pluralities see Romney as mainstream and Obama as extreme

Apropos of the Rove article, a new Rasmussen poll kind of makes the same point. Read it and weep, mainstream media!

52% of likely voters see Gov. Romney as "mainstream." Only 45% say the same about President Obama.

30% see Romney as extreme. Another 45% see President Obama as extreme. The American people just don't seem to have bought the narrative the Democrats and their media allies have been pushing for four years.

BTW, the man depicted above- Saul Alinsky, Chicago community organizer and author of such books as Rules for Radicals and Reveille for Radicals- was a political ideologue whose philosphy Mr. Obama himself once taught. Trained by Alinsky's Industrial Areas Foundation, the President was involved in such Alinskyite movements as the Developing Communities Project, ACORN, and Project Vote.

While Alinsky and the movements he helped organize have an honorable place in the social and political history of America, nobody would describe them as "mainstream.&…

Eisegesis saves!

Lutheran Satire confronts the... er... logic by which the "Evangelicals" avoid the clear meaning of the biblical texts on baptism.

Now tell me again: how, according to Scripture, is one "born again?"

President Obama's 2012 dilemma

Karl Rove, who was Dubyah's David Axelrod (in case you've forgotten), has a good article over at his Wall Street Journal blog on why 2012 is not 2004. His reasoning certainly makes sense to me.

It's a myth, Mr. Rove points out, that President Bush's re-election was due primarily to a Republican effort at turning out the base. Efforts to reach independents and undecideds were equally important. But there is no question that turning out the base was basic to the 2004 Bush campaign, and will have to be for President Obama's in 2012.

And despite superficial similarities in President Obama's numbers now and Dubyah's at about the same time in 2004, there is one major- and decisive-difference between the two campaigns, clearly seen already in the reaction of Ed Rendell, Bill Clinton and others to the Obama campaign's attacks on Mitt Romney's tenure at Bain and the whole business of venture capitalism.

Mr. Obama has governed more-or-less from the center. Bu…

Romney opens up four-point lead in wake of bad jobs report

In the first Rasmussen tracking poll since the unexpectedly bad news about unemployment came out yesterday, Mitt Romney has opened up a four-point lead over President Obama, 48%-44%.

Four percent support another candidate, and five percent are undecided.

Consumer confidence fell by five points literally overnight. The talking heads on PBS last night were clearly scared. It's hard to write off the impact of the state of the economy six months out from the election. The consensus seemed to be the obvious: that if things don't turn around fast, President Obama may have to go home next January to face all those angry Poles in Chicago.

Obama vetoed Walesa as stand-in for dead Polish hero

We all know by now about President Obama outraging the Polish government by referring to "Polish death camps" in a ceremony posthumously awarding a decoration to a hero of the World War II Polish resistance. But it seems that there's more to the story.

Apparently the president vetoed the founder of Solidarity, the former president of Poland, and the father of modern Polish democracy- Lech Walesa- as the surrogate for the dead hero. Walesa is said to have been "too political" for the tastes of the White House.

In any event, Chicagoan Obama- who comes from the city with more Poles in its population than any other except Warsaw- hasn't done himself much good this week with the Polish community. Or, for that matter, with anybody who thinks that diplomatic instincts are anything other than optional in a President of the United States.

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Romney still a nose ahead in Rasmussen tracking poll; Obama attacks aren't working; Mitt ahead in the Big Four swing states

Today's Rasmussen presidential tracking poll results: Romney 46%, Obama 45%, Someone Else 4%, Undecided 5%.

Another Rasmussen poll confirms something I've perceived: the Obama campaign's attempts to make Romney the issue, much as the 2004 Bush campaign made John Kerry the issue, aren't working.

The Rasmussen analysis of the date is that the fault doesn't lie with the Obama campaign; the problem is that Romney is simply turning out to be a much harder target to hit than the Democrats had expected.

This is big time bad news for the incumbent. With his approval numbers, Mr. Obama cannot afford for this election to be a referendum on his stewardship of the White House.

Meanwhile, Gov. Romney continues to lead among likely voters in all four of the decisive swing states: Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia.

Unemployment rises; White House blames Bush

Unemployment actually went up last month.

The White House is blaming President Bush.

But it's just not going to work. Barack Obama has been in charge for long enough that he can't avoid primary responsibility for the state of the economy. And while I expect the Democrats will be trying to confuse people on this point from now until November, George W. Bush isn't on the ballot this time around.

But Barack Obama is.

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