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Nice piece of religious bigotry there, Cher

The first martyrs of the Reformation

Hello? Obama surrogate argues that- under yesterday's SCOTUS decision- the mandate is unconstitutional after all!


House holds Holder in contempt

Healthcare, POTUS, and Pyrrus


And the silence from the media is deafening

So tell me again: what is this trial all about?

Hawks GM is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma

Jimmy Carter strikes again!

is Alzheimer's caused by stress?

Obama supporters using racism as an excuse for their man's shrinking popularity

Pawlenty out; GOP leaders favor Rubio for VP

Is ours an 'illegitimate' government?

Burning heretics, like burning coal, is bad for the environment

A very Bowman draft for the Blackhawks

Welcome to the Lord's family, Leah Libreasco!

New Gallup favorable/unfavorable ratings for President Obama

Kinda says it all

Obama-Biden 2012 campaign song?

Pawlenty, Rubio lead Romney's short list of possible running mates

Trayvon Martin to George Zimmerman: 'You are going to die tonight'

Watergate redux?

Obama campaign resorts to 'rent-a hecklers'

At least he doesn't genuflect.

Scientific and political heresy

Democratic residents of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, etc. note: Biden says the "great" cities are now in China, not America

Obama administration to implement major change in immigration policy- without Congressional authority

This takes media bias to truly bizarre new heights. On a stake.

Why I'm suspending the tracking poll for a while; the most ominous sign yet for POTUS

Now here's a shock!

Ex-Clinton aides in panic mode over Obama re-election prospects

Rasmussen tracking poll for 6/12/12



(YAWN!) Ron Paul's supporters outraged. And the sun rose in the east...

Now it's Romney by one in the Rasmussen tracking poll

CBS head: "Partisanship is very much a part of journalism now"

I'll Have Another won't, and that's too bad

Clinton apologizes for talking sense about Bush tax cuts

Obama grabs two point lead in tracking poll

Oh, dear.

Romney leads Obama by one point- in Michigan!

No change in tracking poll: Romney and Obama still tied

One word: Subban

Romney winning the battle for the middle class

Rasmussen Tracking Poll for 6/6/12

Wisconsin gives Walker its seal of approval; is Romney next?

Senate Democrats warn White House on repeated leaks of classified material

Romney's lead narrows in tracking poll

Obama gaffes yet again!

Romney has three-point lead, favorability surges; Rubio for Veep boom grows

Romney holds four point lead in tracking poll; pluralities see Romney as mainstream and Obama as extreme

Eisegesis saves!

President Obama's 2012 dilemma

Romney opens up four-point lead in wake of bad jobs report

Obama vetoed Walesa as stand-in for dead Polish hero

Romney still a nose ahead in Rasmussen tracking poll; Obama attacks aren't working; Mitt ahead in the Big Four swing states

Unemployment rises; White House blames Bush