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The argument ipse dixit is a logical fallacy

America's most pagan cities

'Roots' turns out to be rootless


Time to re-think that post-Constantinian thing

Since you won't hear it tonight...

Psst! Justice Kennedy! Read this before you rule on gay "marriage!"

Absolute tripe from TIME

This and that, from here and there

Duck soup.

I guess Christians just can't win.

Meanwhile, on the religious freedom front....

The difference between Left and Right

Why it's raising the minimum wage that's "heartless"

"A.D." needs to re-visit the Book

Jesus on homosexuality

The snakes get the last laugh

To all who served, and especially to all who gave their lives to keep us free...

'Your bloomin' arm is off' 'No, it's not!'

Rubio v. Clinton? The prospect gives the Democrats a heart attack!

Hey! I'm part of a 'problem population!'

The world's oldest political party really IS the world's oldest political party!

Here we go again!

Will everything old soon be new again?

Didn't this happen once with Ike and Nixon?

Marcus Kruger sends me to bed happy

And speaking of Sweet Home Chicago....

A blast from da past

"Getting small" really does make you smaller!

Boys and girls are not frogs.

Excuse me, Senator, if I'm a little irritated

It's either one or the other

Graham will announce for president early Monday morning

ISIS goes 'boo-hoo' for Abu. Sayyef, that is. Or not. Whatever.

And then, there were four...

A blow to GOP fundraising efforts


History (or herstory) repeats itself

Crumble the Quackers!

There are no 'atheists' or 'agnostics'

Where have we heard THIS one before?

REPOST: One of my favorite Blackhawk Stanley Cup stories

Hmm. I guess he must hate gay people or something.

Like they should talk about human rights!


George Will, Mike Huckabee and the Two Kingdoms

The Independent expects Britain's new Conservative government to become (shudder)- conservative!

And speaking of the Hawks...

Eavesdropping on the Hawks/Wild handshake line

Current NASA plan: manned landing on Phobos by 2033, and on Mars by 2039

Brits retain pseudo-Conservatives

On to the Conference Finals!

Mea culpa. And so has Rachel Held Evans.

One is the loneliest number...

Something really ought to be done...

And the favorite 2016 presidential candidate of America's millionaires is...

Given the extremism of both parties here in Iowa...

Even the New Republic admits...

Retirement is possibly a thing of the past?


Ten more to go!

Christian leaders threaten 'civil disobedience' if kritarchy redefines marriage

Apropos of which...

No, cultural conservatives 'have not yet begun to fight.' The question is whether we ever will.

To the bare-icades! The sexual revolutionaries prepare to do a Robespierre

Eleven more victories to go

Pattycake, pattycake, Christian baker man...

Enjoy the Internet while you can, folks!

You'd think the cops would have better things to do...

Not good news for the Hillarymeister

Loose cannon Joe Biden goes off at the wrong time again

Iran is cheating already

Mean GOP picks on poor Hillary's age