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Remember when college was for people with HIGH IQ's?

A no-no for Jake Arrieta

The Donald is Hillary's best friend

Chinese and Indians overtake Mexicans as most numerous immigrants to US


Another Blackhawk legend passes on

If Donald Trump weren't already the Donald Trump of the Left, Hillary Clinton would be!

Even Donald Trump is right once in a while

'A while back some founders got together. And I mean they were good people but they really didn’t know anything about building a country...'

'Fauxahontas' may be throwing her headdress into the ring

RIP, Chico Maki

Jeb vows to avoid Blackmun/Kennedy type 'surprises' from judicial nominees

Jeb has done it again

Sorry, but I don't get it.

Not just a river in Egypt

Good question

Not good news for Hillary

NOAA's global warming numbers are sheer hype

Well, in that case...

Trump's immigration Kristallnacht would mean huge growth in Federal power and spending

Tell me, Mr. Trump...

"Hate speech," too, is protected by the First Amendment. And it jolly well SHOULD be!

This is not funny.

After all that hemming and hawing...

So much for Kasich

Why Trump STILL won't win

Well, at least he reads.

Earth to Trump supporters!

Heil Trump?

Straining at a Romney- and swallowing a Trump?!

Busted for sure this time

"...What rough beast, its hour come 'round at last...."


Another physicist says warp drive is feasible

Is Carly getting shafted by CNN?

Jimmy Carter's cancer spreads to his brain

Hillary says that the gun is smoking

Kasich needs to amplify that statement on marriage redefinition

These two articles have Donald Trump pretty much nailed

More woes for Hillary- but that doesn't necessarily mean good news for the GOP

It seems that some conservatives, at least...

GOP voters' tanTrump continues

Never mind the Queen...

Rubio is right

Some lessons from Eastern Europe on being God's resistance movement

Carly joins the grownups' table

As Hillary unravels, is this ticket the GOP's best bet?

Are the red voters holding their breath until they turn blue?

San Francisco's number one problem

How does one respond to the Trump irrationality?

Democrats 'near panic mode' as Hillary's credibility melts away

Once and for all: Is the Pope Catholic? Or even Christian?

Speaking of 'going against the flow...'

Hillary is busted. Maybe.

Those scientifically backward pro-choicers

How is this possible?

You thought we were overreacting? Think again!

Liberals don't like the liberal arts. Neither do conservatives. We all should.

Trump should be suspended for the rest of the semester

Very interesting

Might as well come out of the closet: I do it!

Carly Fiorina: the emergence of the 'anti-Hillary'

The case for Kasich

The Mollie on The Donald

More on the debate

Camille likes Kasich; the viewers prefer the blowhard

Moody's gazes into their electoral crystal ball

Gee, Jeb. Why don't you tell us how you REALLY feel about Trump?

All voters think Biden would be the better president, but Democrats like Hillary

How do you debate the Donald?

The shape of things to come?

This windbag blows no good for Republicans

GOP comes up with new "ground game" software

You don't want to go there, Sarah.

Oh, my.

Vive les Maquis!

It was the wrong place to take a stand- until government bullies forced the issue

This campaign is fun already!

The pope really, REALLY needs to get a clue

Sorry, but we're not getting out of this early

Racially welcoming denominations? LCMS is second from the top; ELCA third from the bottom

Socialist countries have trouble producing toilet paper

Should Sen. Kirk step aside?

Sorry, Mr. President. You're no FDR.