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I know it hasn't been a month yet...


One should not grovel before tyrants- or tyrant wannabes

And so it begins

Pray for La Belle France

Happy birthday, Ophiuchi!

Figures don't lie- but liars at Planned Parenthood figure

Our good friend Justin Trudeau will not let us Americans suffer alone

Dr. Goebbels never had it so easy

Where Trump's support- and opposition- is likely to come from in the Senate

After further review, the call on Election Night stands

Not that this means anything, but...

Trump muffs his National Security Advisor pick

More truth than poetry

Thanks to a patriot- no, TWO patriots- for undertaking the thankless task of trying to save us from our own foolishness

Yes, there IS something worse than Hillary

Remembering the anti-Trump

Trumping common sense

The world, Ceres

Meanwhile, in the real world...

The end of the world MUST be at hand! But probably not of the presidency.

Will Trump not wreck the world, maybe? Please?

Once in a lifetime

Here's another word to learn

Counselor-designate to the President

Folks, the Alt-Right is not the Young Americans for Freedom.

Turnabout is fair play, I guess!

I'm going to start wearing a safety pin

The damage will be enormous

The music of the spheres

Ayotte's name floated as Trump SecDef

The "New Conservative Movement" is born

The really scary thing...

Prayers for Bryan Bickell

It's starting already

Hoping for the best from an unfit president-elect is one thing. Expecting it is another.

They're about to find out.

The real winner of the election

At least Hillary appears to have won the popular vote

You know....

I couldn't have been more wrong about this election

Update as of 1:30 AM

Update as of 12:45 AM

Update as of midnight

Update as of 10:30

Update as of 10:00

Update as of 9:30

Update as of 9:15

Update as of 9;00

Update as of 8:45

Update as of 8:05

In the House...

In the Senate....


The race tightens

Two more

The big guns start to sound