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I know it hasn't been a month yet...

..but I thought I'd share this anyway.

Subtract Joe Buck. Add Pat Hughes. Here's the home-town call of the greatest half-inning of my life.

It still hasn't sunk in. And in just a few months, spring training will start and the Cubs can begin the process o repeating what happened last time they were world champions: two in a row.

Hey. Why stop at two? How about a dynasty? We've earned it!

Of course, we also have the Blackhawks' fourth Stanley Cup of in seven years to win first....

One should not grovel before tyrants- or tyrant wannabes

I should clearly state for the benefit of any Trump supporters who see this that this "apology" to Donald Trump from Mitt Romney is satirical. But I have to add that I have, indeed, lost a great deal of respect for Mitt as a result of his heinie kissing this past week.

Mitt could have run as an independent like Evan McMullin finally did. The polls even showed that he could have won. He had nothing to lose; his political career was over. In fact, he courageously spoke out just why Donald Trump is unfit to be president. But when he could have made a difference, he backed off. And now, he's being vetted to be the Secretary of State for a president whom he rightly scorned as unworthy of the presidency.

To paraphrase Sir Thomas More in Robert Bolt's "A Man for All Seasons," "Mitt, Mitt. It profiteth a man nothing to gain the whole world and lose his own soul. But for the State Department?

Caricature: DonkeyHotey

And so it begins

Donald Trump's statement about making flag burning illegal is just further evidence of what has been staring all of us- including those who delude themselves that Trump is an "unknown-" in the face all along: the President-elect is totally ignorant and contemptuous of the Bill of Rights.

As he's been demonstrating to us over and over again for nearly a year now not only by advocating the exclusion of an entire religion from immigration into the United States and in suggesting that he'd order our armed forces to ignore their oaths and commit war crimes but in repeatedly threatening his opponents and egging his supporters on in beating up protesters at his rallies . One wonders how clear things have to be spelled out for some people before they become "known."

Amazing how many people agree with Trump that the flag is more sacred than the things it stands for. Or rather who, like Trump, simply have no understanding whatsoever of what it stands for.

One wo…

Pray for La Belle France

When Paris was liberated, who would have dreamed that the day would come when, America and Britain having fallen,  France would be teetering on the brink of following them over the cliff- and Germany would be the last great hope of Western liberal democracy?

Yet that's where matters stand. The wave of populist nationalism that is sweeping through what has hitherto been the liberal democracies of the West is now threatening France. Marine Le Pen,  daughter of French ultra-Rightist Jean-Marie Le Pen, is the candidate of the Trump-like National Front in next spring's presidential election. It seems that neither President François Hollande nor any other candidate of the Left will be able to make it into the second round of the two-stage election. Le Pen's opponent is, therefore, likely to be François Fillon, a rather colorless conservative who defeated former president Nicholas Sarkozy and former prime minister Alain Juppé last month to win the nomination of the other leading…

Happy birthday, Ophiuchi!

Besides the fact that the signs of the horoscope are so dated that they're a full month behind the actual astronomical position of the sun in the zodiac, one of the more obvious absurdities of astrology is the fact that there are actually 13 signs of the zodiac, not 12.

The sun entered Ophiuchus today.

Now, granted, it only stays there for eleven days and only grazes a corner of it. But pseudo-sciences have to be precise enough not to miss an entire sign of the zodiac if they're going to be taken seriously.

This is an especially bizarre page even given the subject matter. Besides the fact that constellations don't typically have planets- stars do- I have to assume from the past-tense that the Ophiuchans described herein are residents of Swamp Planet and not humans born between November 30 and December 10.

Figures don't lie- but liars at Planned Parenthood figure

No, abortion is NOT only three percent of what Planned Parenthood does. Here's how they cook the statistics to come up with that figure.

An analogy from the video: A steakhouse says, "No, steak is only a small proportion of what we serve. We also serve toothpicks, breath mints, salads, beer, wine, water, napkins, potatoes, soap, and toilet paper, and we rent glasses, plates, and silverware,"

Planned Parenthood is an abortion mill. Period. Breast exams, pap smears and pregnancy tests are window dressing.

Our good friend Justin Trudeau will not let us Americans suffer alone

On November 8, the American people made the United States the laughingstock of the world by electing a psychologically unsound and patently corrupt ignoramus as its president.

But we have company in our moment of embarrassment. Canada- such a good friend that it could not bear to see us alone in our humiliation- promptly joined us as a laughingstock when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau chose to lament and eulogize Fidel Castro, a vicious and murderous dictator for whom our Canadian friends have always for some odd reason cherished a perverse fondness.

The Left rightly excoriates the Right for its selective disapproval of dictators and murderers. Sadly, it also imitates it.

There are many differences between Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau. But when all is said and done, Mr. Trudeau is simply a horse's caboose of a different color. And we should be gracious enough to admit that it takes a true friend to share our moment of international and historical humiliation with us.

Dr. Goebbels never had it so easy

Here's an interesting article on the rise of a phenomenon which has managed to poison political discourse online while providing echo-chamber type support for the wackiest of the alt-right crowd: hyperpartisan propaganda websites.

You can't believe anything on them. On the other hand, lots of people do- and all too often that includes reasonable people who have trouble telling their outrageous lies from actual news.

And no, it's not just the younger generation that has that problem.

From Breitbart to the humblest racist with a blog, the information revolution is becoming the disinformation revolution. And the phenomenon has now played a significant role in the election of a president.

Where Trump's support- and opposition- is likely to come from in the Senate

Silver also has an interesting analysis of which senators in each party are most likely to support or oppose the Trump agenda.

Given Trump's lack of conservative orthodoxy and consistency, he can expect more resistance from members of his own party than presidents usually get. There are also senators- Ben Sasse of Nebraska comes to mind- who are actually rather similar to Trump on the issues but have opposed him because of his personality and questions about his personal fitness for the office.

All in all, it's going to be an interesting four years on the Hill.

After further review, the call on Election Night stands

A group of computer scientists and election lawyers, perhaps encouraged by the Trump-like whining by certain Democrats that Hillary couldn't have lost the Electoral College given the size of her victory in the popular vote, have approached the Clinton campaign with what they claim is evidence that computer hacking was utilized to steal Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania from Hillary. It seems that she did far better in paper ballot precincts than in those using voting machines.

But it turns out to be a coincidence. Nate Silver- a Democrat- has analyzed their report and concluded that there is another explanation: demographics. When one looks at the composition of the precincts where machines were used and that of precincts where paper ballots were employed, there is nothing particularly fishy about the results. Maybe the time has come for the Democrats to accept defeat and wait for the American people. like the Brexit-voting Brits before them, to be smacked over the head by the…

Not that this means anything, but...

...Hillary Clinton's margin over Donald Trump in the popular vote has now passed two million- and it's growing,

If you recall, it was Trump who whined before a single vote was cast and  on the basis of no particular evidence whatsoever that the election was being "stolen." He even threatened not to accept the result. But now a movement has started to do an audit of the votes in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania on the theory that a disconnect this big between the popular and the electoral vote is fishy.

I know of no way that Trump could have manipulated the results and I certainly don't expect the result of the election to be reversed. But the President-Elect does have a long history of playing fast and loose with the law and of not playing by the rules. In fact, he faces a civil trial on charges of racketeering and fraud later this month. This is not an auspicious beginning to a presidency whose possible end through impeachment is already under discussion a…

Trump muffs his National Security Advisor pick

Donald Trump is clueless when it comes to national security issues.

And so, it appears, is his choice to be National Security Advisor. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn had a brilliant military career but proved utterly incapable as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Colin Powell's description of Flynn's DIA tenure:  “...abusive with staff, didn’t listen, worked against policy, bad management." Powell describes Flynn since leaving the DIA as  “right-wing nutty."

This is going to be a long four years.  The blind leading the blind.

More truth than poetry

SNL's opening this week.

BTW, the thin-skinned, insecure POTUS-elect tweeted a whine about it:

I watched parts of @nbcsnl Saturday Night Live last night. It is a totally one-sided, biased show - nothing funny at all. Equal time for us?— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 20, 2016

Thanks to a patriot- no, TWO patriots- for undertaking the thankless task of trying to save us from our own foolishness

Here's the story of the thankless efforts of one patriot to save America from itself.

Short term, the effort failed. But long term....

Let's put it this way: the courage of Joel Searby and ultimately of Evan McMullin have inspired a cadre of loyal support that will carry far beyond this tragic election year. There are a lot of people who still value common sense and integrity, and I'm convinced that we form the nucleus of a party that can take the place the Republican party has abdicated as the voice of Center Right common sense and as the alternative to the radicalism of the Democrats.

Evan may not have carried a single state, but his courage and that of Joel Searby will echo down through the years. Decency in America is not dead.

Yes, there IS something worse than Hillary

Wondering what the "alt-right" is?
Wondering what the American people validated on November 8, and put into positions of power and influence without ever intending it?

Well, here you go.

And the hell of it is that simply spending any time on Twitter during the campaign or just listening to Trump's core supporters would have warned all those decent people who thought that nothing could be worse than Hillary.

You'd think that Trump being endorsed by the Klan and the Nazis and just about every white supremacist group you could name might have been a hint that this was not just an eccentric candidate who was "not perfect."

This is what the Republican party nominated this year. This is what the American people voted to validate. And this is why I can never be a Republican again.

HT: The Atlantic

Remembering the anti-Trump

Maybe watching this again and reminding ourselves of what being a Republican once meant before the party disgraced itself will help exorcise the alt-right demons and help arm us morally for dealing with the abomination that disgraces that name today.

Trumping common sense

"The Moment America Gave the World to China."

That's how this Aussie article describes the dying Obama administration's surrender to the love affair with protectionism which manifested itself in Donald Trump's election- and will very likely plunge us back into recession and cost the very people who see Trump as their hero and protectionism as their salvation their jobs.

Just the first step in a process of retreat from world leadership under The Donald which will cost America, her people, and the world dearly in the next four years.

HT: Real Clear World

The world, Ceres

Q: What does an astronomer with ADHD looking at Ceres say?

A: Oh, look! Something shiny!

Really. Several years ago astronomers noticed what looked like flashing signals from the largest asteroid, which was twice in its history briefly classified as a full planet and is now considered a "dwarf planet" like Pluto. Since Ceres isn't particularly icy, the sun couldn't be reflecting off of ice.

Turns out, the Dawn spacecraft has observed, that the substance in the craters that's been sending false Morse Code signals to us is probably salt deposits at its bottom. Anyway, here is a neat new picture of Ceres taken by Dawn.

Meanwhile, in the real world...

...those legitimate grievances white working class Americans have are not going to be addressed by the President-elect's proposed "solutions." Underscoring Michael Moore's comments, documented in my previous entry,  voting for hm may have made them feel better- temporarily. But neither his "answers" nor the economic advisors he's likely to assemble to help modify and implement them offer much hope to precisely the people who got him elected.

My prediction is that we are in for a wild ride during these next four years. I see about a fifty-fifty chance that Donald Trump will be the third president to be impeached and the first to be actually convicted and removed from office. His long pattern of ignoring the law and cutting ethical and legal corners is unlikely to change, and they will only receive even closer scrutiny now that he is in the hottest spotlight on Earth. His bizarre and outrageous personality will not help. And demagoguery will only take hi…

The end of the world MUST be at hand! But probably not of the presidency.

Earlier this month the Cubs won the World Series.

And now I'm agreeing- for the most part, anyway- with Michael Moore.The end of the world must surely be at hand.

Martin Luther once wrote that there were really two miracles of Christmas: that a virgin conceived, and that when she was told that it would happen, that virgin believed- and that of the two, the second was the greater. Well, even as someone who has lived and died with the Cubs every season since I was a little boy and is now on Social Security, I think that my agreeing with Michael Moore about anything is the greater of the two miracles of this past month.

Anyone familiar with what I've had to say over the years about Mr. Moore knows that I am not a fan. His films are often dishonest and misleading. His politics are extreme and a bit hysterical. And I should say that I do not agree with his prediction about the future of the presidency. There certainly will be at least one more president after Donald Trump: Mike Pe…

Will Trump not wreck the world, maybe? Please?

Here's an interesting and at least marginally optimistic look at the world order with Donald Trump as (shudder!) the most powerful man on Earth.

I figure these days those of us who actually pay attention can use all the optimism we can get.

The Donald has shown at least a tentative willingness to act like a grown up since his election. Whether he'll be any more able to do that as president than he was as a candidate remains to be seen. But as I said the other day, whatever we expect we can always hope for the best.

Here's to my being dead wrong about Donald Trump, however sparse the evidence that I'm likely to be.

HT: Real Clear World

Once in a lifetime

Here's another word to learn

While we're catching up with terms you'll need to be acquainted with over the course of the next few years, here's another one that's become popular during Donald Trump's presidential run. In fact, you maybe one of the people at whom it's aimed: cuckservative.

It's the word the alt-right (the core of Donald Trump's support) uses for traditional conservatives. It is said to have originated with the idea that the people to whom it refers are OK with their wives and daughters having sex with black people.

It is not- obviously- a word nice (or even psychologically healthy) people use very often. Nevertheless, it's one you will probably hear from time to time during the Trump Administration, probably- hopefully- more often from its supporters than from its members.

Counselor-designate to the President

Meet Stephen Banning.

If you voted for Trump, you also voted for him. The president-elect has appointed him chief White House policy advisor.

By the way, if you're puzzled by the term "Alt-Right" or "alt right" or some variation on the theme, here's Wikipedia's article on it.

You voted for it, too.

Folks, the Alt-Right is not the Young Americans for Freedom.

I continue to be stunned not simply at the number of decent, intelligent people who voted for Donald Trump but at how totally clueless they are about what they voted for. Or let me rephrase: the number of decent, intelligent people who voted for Donald Trump because they were totally clueless about what they were voting for. This is a classic case of the boy who cried "Wolf!" That cry has gone up so often and from every conceivable direction for so long that we don't recognize the wolf when he arrives.

No, the President-elect is not Hitler. But the people who form his core constituency and some of the people he listens to are crazier, more extreme, and less in contact with our most basic American ideals than anybody bunch of people who have ever been in power in this country before.

It's not as if Trump and his supporters have been incommunicado this past year, or have kept what they're about a secret. Maybe it's just that he's been talking so much blath…

Turnabout is fair play, I guess!

Pakistani TV is claiming that Donald Trump was born in Pakistan, and not in the United States!

"Young Donald" can be seen at the right.  Supposedly he was an orphan.

While I don't foresee a "birther movement" where Trump is concerned, wouldn't that be a hoot?

I'm going to start wearing a safety pin

In the wake of Donald Trump's election, a movement is underway for people to wear safety pins as symbols of their solidarity with Mexicans, Muslims, women, and other groups the president-elect has marginalized.

The symbolism is your determination that these people remain safe regardless of what the Alt-Right may desire or intend.

I'll be wearing one, and I hope you will, too.

I understand that some of the crazier and more presumptuous elements of the Left frown on white people wearing safety pins for this reason because too many white people voted for Trump.  Well, I didn't, and I am no more concerned about their disapproval than I am about the disapproval of any other racists and hatemongers.

The damage will be enormous

Donald Trump's crazy ideas about foreign policy, if implemented, will do absolutely massive damage to the international order and the Western world.

One can only hope the free world survives this goof.

How the hell did we end up in this mess? And it will only go downhill from here

I'm sure we'll get through this four years somehow. And I'm sure somebody with a better idea what in the world he or she is doing will succeed Donald Trump. But it's going to be a hell of a ride. The economic impact of Trump's protectionism alone may cost the very people who supported him so loyally their livelihoods.

We'd all better get used to hanging on tight.

The music of the spheres

In space, no one can hear you scream.

No one can hear a Death Star blow up, either, or phaser banks firing, or any of the other sounds sci-fi shows and movies feature in scenes supposedly occurring in the vacuum of space. No medium for sound waves to travel through means no sound.

Well, there is a kind of sound. It's just not actually sound. Objects in space emit electromagnetic waves which can be expressed as sound. And our probes have been recording the EM waves of the Sun and planets and their moons for years.

Here are some of them. There are plenty more on YouTube. The "songs" of many of the moons- our own, as well as Titan, Enceladus, Triton, Miranda, Ganymede, Callisto, Io, and Europa- are also quite interesting. But here are the "sounds" of the Sun and its planets.

Ayotte's name floated as Trump SecDef

Kelly Ayotte, a capable and knowledgeable woman who was narrowly defeated for re-election to the U.S. Senate from New Hampshire on Tuesday, is being discussed by the Trump transition team as a potential Secretary of Defense.

This is significant because Ayotte- a defense hawk whose sound foreign policy posture stands in stark contrast to Trump's crazy isolationism- declined to support Trump.

The appointment, if it takes place, would be a kind of olive branch to people like me. It wouldn't work, at least in my case; it's far too little to get me on board with a guy who simply is neither qualified nor psychologically fit to be president. But it would be a step in the right direction for the country. Sen. Ayotte is one of the smartest people in government, and a woman I've always seen as a potential president herself. She certainly would be a better choice than some of the other people being discussed for the Trump cabinet.

The "New Conservative Movement" is born

I'm not sure where he's going with this, but Evan McMullin isn't going away. He's starting something called "The New Conservative Movement." It's an actual organization with a web page and everything.

Not only is it therapeutic- real conservatives are rather depressed right now, and need to stay engaged- but it's promising. My greatest fear was that what started to happen after Trump clinched the nomination- when the former candidates and decent, prominent  conservative leaders failed us and Evan finally had to step forward- was going to happen again: that we would all sink into a slough of discouragement and let the Nativist, quasi-Fascist tide sweep away everything decent about American conservatism.

Glad to see that Evan is coming through for us yet again.

Prayers for Bryan Bickell

May God be with former Blackhawk Bryan Bickell, who has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosiss.

Bickell scored the game-tying goal in the sixth game of the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals, the first of two goals in 17 seconds which brought the Hawks from apparent defeat to the championship.

It's starting already

Spray-painted on the sign outside a New York high school: "MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN." The sign was decorated with a swastika.

All over the nation, racist incidents have escalated since Donald Trump's election Tuesday.

Muslims and Hispanics on high school campuses are subject to a sudden increase in harassment.

Racial and ethnic harassment is escalating on the nation's college campuses.

Let me be very clear about this: most of the people who voted for Donald Trump Tuesday did not want this. Most believed- mistakenly, in my strongly-held opinion- that of two utterly unfit candidates for president Trump would do less damage over the next four years than would Hillary Clinton.

But there is no mistaking the point that this is what those who voted for Trump voted, intentionally or not, to validate.  Trump voter, you may have simply intended to vote against Hillary. But you voted for something, too.

This is what you voted for.

Only my firm belief that most of those who voted f…

Hoping for the best from an unfit president-elect is one thing. Expecting it is another.

Now that Donald Trump has been elected. it's human nature to try to make lemonade out of the biggest lemon America has bought in my lifetime. Even solid Never Trump people in some circles are trying to convince themselves that maybe they've been wrong.

Well, we were wrong about several things. The main one is that the historical common sense of the American people was a dependable anti-Trump firewall. We depended on it in the primaries and again in the general election. It proved illusory. Our national IQ has been trending downward for decards. Mores have become ever more socially and personally self-destructive. Ignorance about the world, about history, about religion, and about most other things has skyrocketed. The evidence was overwhelming even before Tuesday that our fabled national common sense was a thing of the past. I and many others were shocked by the election of a catastrophically unqualified and unprepared emotionally immature narcissist and psychopath. In retros…

They're about to find out.

I couldn't agree more with the Irish Times take on the election of Donald Trump.  Even the biblical title of the article occurred to me Tuesday night.

The anti-intellectual and protectionist tide among normally Democratic blue-collar workers that swept him into power was aided and abetted by what turned out to be nearly all of the traditional Republicans, including those who initially turned up their noses at the ignorant and unstable demagogue. The demon Hillary Rodham Clinton terrified them so thoroughly that they found very creative ways to either remain ignorant of Trump's character and background or to rationalize even the most disqualifying faults. What the Trump base and the Donnie-come-lately crowd have in common is that they have no idea what they did on Tuesday. They have no notion, however remote, of just how over his head Donald Trump will be when he steps into the Oval Office on January 20.

The truly scary thing is that the President-elect doesn't, either. Her…

You know....

...the American people have elected Donald Trump despite full knowledge of all that he has done and said.

The President-Elect of the United States is not simply a mentally unstable clown. He's a clown who is going on trial for fraud and racketeering in a matter of weeks. And the American people elected him anyway.

What he is is so obvious that it can't be missed or readily ignored. I acknowledge the obscenity of the alternative. But that is no excuse.

After last night's result, it's frankly awfully hard for me to take the process- or the American people- seriously. I'm going to have to re-evaluate whether bothering with this blog or even with voting in the future has any point.

ADDENDUM, after a good night's sleep: This is my country. MY country. NOT the country of the demagogue who was elected last night and who can't make America great again because he doesn't understand what made it great in the first place.

This is my country. And I will fight for i…

I couldn't have been more wrong about this election

It's over. Hillary has called Donald Trump and conceded.

I had given the American people too much credit, just as I had given the Republican rank-and-file too much credit.

Hillary Clinton will never be president. That is good. If Trump keeps his word, the Supreme Court and the Constitution will likely be saved. That, too, is good.

But a price has been paid. Bigotry and hate have been validated, ignorance has triumphed, a man who is categorically unfit to be president has been placed in that office, and people all over America and the world are living tonight in fear.

America is, quite rightly, the laughingstock of the world. And tonight, for the first time in my life, I am ashamed to be an American.

The American people, as Mike Pence has just said, have spoken. They will sorely regret their decision in the months and years to come.

And I am going to bed. I will be able to sleep well tonight.

Most of my countrymen should not be.

Update as of 1:30 AM

A statement from Hillary (or at least John Podesta, her campaign chairman) should be made momentarily.

The Washington Post has called Pennsylvania- and the election- for Trump.

Pat Toomey has been re-elected in Pennsylvania- a shock, to say the least.

Roy Blunt has been re-elected in Missouri.

Look on the bright side: the Supreme Court has probably been saved- assuming Trump keeps his word and nominates decent justices. All the GOP had to do is to validate racism, hate, and serial lunacy to do it.

Clinton wins Maine. As Maine goes, alas, so likely does not go the nation.

John Podesta, Hillary's campaign chairman, has just done a "go home, we'll talk to you in the morning" number.

Murkowski re-elected in Alaska. The Republicans retain the Senate.Trump carries Alaska.

Duce is about to come out.

Update as of 12:45 AM

Trump may or may not win tonight, but Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been beaten in Maricopa County, Arizona.  And John McCain- who IS a hero- was re-elected.

The ramifications of what seems to be happening tonight won't sink in for a while. And it will be coming back to haunt us over and over and over again for the next four years. And Russia's man is going to become president in January.

Tonight, a Russian naval force has arrived off Syria. The shelling of Aleppo will probably begin within hours.

And the President-Elect will be tried for fraud in a few weeks.

You've blown it, America. And you'll be regretting it for the next four years.

Update as of midnight

Georgia, Iowa, and- sadly- Utah fall to Trump. Ironically the rest of the scenario- the 269-269 tie- is still in play.

California has voted to legalize marijuana. The whole country must have been high tonight.

244-209 Trump in the electoral vote.

Even Pennsylvania looks like it's in play.

It's looking more and more like the Republicans will hold on to the Senate. Ayotte leads. Toomey leads.

Wisconsin looks like Trump will carry it.

Fascinatingly, 69% of those who say that neither candidate is fit to be President voted for Trump, who by any rational standard is even less fit to be president than Hillary.

Stock markets all over the world are in free fall.

Clinton wins Nevada.

Trump leads Pennsylvania by 2,000 votes. If Trump carries it, he doesn't mean Michigan.

The Clinton campaign has gone silent.

Update as of 10:30

Trump's possible election has impacted the Dow futures more negatively than 9/11 did.

Even if Hillary ends up winning tonight, Trump's refusal to accept the result is now legitimized by the closeness of the election.

168 electoral votes for Trump, 131 for Clinton.

Florida is almost certainly going to fall for Trump.

Richard Burr has been re-elected to the Senate from North Carolina.

California to Clinton. Also Hawaii. Idaho to Trump. Clinton wins Oregon and Washington.

Clinton has 209 electoral votes to 171 for Trump. But the arithmetic remains the same. Michigan is the ballgame.

Now 209-187. North Carolina falls to Trump.

Oddly, Iowa is still in play.

Trump borrows. That's what he does. His personal credit is in the dumpster because of it. He's going to make the deficit go through the roof. People are going to be in for a sorry surprise in that department if they're expecting Trump to actually do something about the deficit.

Johnson wins his Senate race in Wiscon…

Update as of 10:00

Hillary is only carrying about two-thirds of the Hispanic vote. And Hispanics don't seem- incredibly- to be voting in the expected numbers.*

Electoral vote: Trump 168, Clinton 122.

Trump is winning voters who don't like either one of them by 2 to 1.

The African-American vote in Detroit is smaller than expected.

Clinton carries Colorado. 131 for Clinton.

The NBC pundits are talking about how the Republicans have come home to Trump. Even more reason for me to be glad I'm no longer a Republican.

Ohio has just fallen to Trump. Amazingly,  Trump's protectionism seems to have made the difference. Years of protectionist nonsense from labor unions may ironically have done the Democrats in tonight. Blue collar voters are voting away their jobs under the impression that they're protecting them.

It continues to look like it will come down to Michigan. And if the same pattern holds there, God help us all.

The Clinton people are keeping up a brave front. But it all comes down …

Update as of 9:30

Glenn Beck just pointed out that according to exit polls a majority of both the people who voted for Trump and those who voted for Hillary are unhappy with the fact that they had to do so. He's talking about the need to start listening to the people who voted for Trump.

When Glenn Beck is the voice of reason........

When Glenn Beck is more calm and reasonable  about the state of the nation than I'm frankly prepared to be....


The Dow futures are tanking. The same will happen to stock exchanges throughout the world if Trump wins tonight.

Hillary has carried Virginia.

Update as of 9:15

People are speculating that Trump's anti-trade message may have resonated with the blue collar workers in the auto industry and others. They think that it will be good for jobs. Of course, the opposite is the case; Trump's trade policy will almost certainly plunge us back into recession. If we espouse a protectionist trade policy, other countries won't buy our goods, either- and the folks who manufacture them are going to lose their jobs.

Trump 140, Clinton 104. The Electoral College numbers haven't changed.

People are going to be so, so disillusioned when Trump fails them.... and for all his braggadocio, he won't have the slightest idea what he'll be doing.

Clinton carries New Mexico. 109 electoral votes for Hillary.

Trump wins Missouri. 150 for Trump.

Update as of 9;00

One good thing: the Evan McMullin scenario is very much in play. We're hours away from knowing what is going to happen in Utah. But the odds are long there, and it's hard at this point to take comfort.

America should be decisively rejecting somebody like Donald Trump by this point. It's a defeat for the American idea that he isn't, no matter how this turns out.

137 Trump, 104 Clinton in the Electoral College. 49-47 lead for Trump in the popular vote. And as the returns still out in Broward County Florida is looking awfully Trumpish.

Virginia will probably go to Clinton by the narrowest of margins. It may all come down to Michigan.

Perhaps it's a continuation of the same syndrome we saw in the primaries. Perhaps this all is an incoherent, irrational scream by people who are hurting so badly that reason goes out the window. If Trump wins tonight, he will fail those people. He will be a disaster in the White House. And the scenario I've warned about all along will

Update as of 8:45

Portman has won in Ohio and Paul in Kentucky. The vote in most of the battleground states is much closer than it should be in an election conducted in America. The Klan and the Nazis are doing entirely too well.

The only thing worse for America than Trump winning would be for the election to be close enough to give credence to Trump's paranoia.

Brokaw is talking about how socially conservative Iowa has become. It hasn't; he doesn't know what he's talking about. Iowans are extreme. Trump, I think, has tapped into that; Republicans are voting for Trump, I suspect, who never voted before.

McCrory is winning in North Carolina. Good. Trump is also winning in North Carolina. Bad. The very fact that the election is this close is a defeat for everything America stands for.

I'm scared to death for my country right now.

Update as of 8:05

Todd Young beats Evan Bayh in Indiana. Alabama and Mississippi falls to Trump.

Thus far the Democrats have picked up only one seat in the Senate. The Republicans, of course, have retained the House.

Texas, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming fall to Il Duce. Hillary carries New York.

The margin in Ohio is 2700 votes.

The election is much, MUCH closer than it ought to be. Trump's showing does not speak well of America.

In the House...

NBC projects that the Republicans will retain control of the House. Arkansas has fallen to Trump.

In the Senate....

Rubio re-elected in Florida; Duckworth ousts Kirk in Ilinois.


CNN has Clinton leading Trump 68-48 in the Electoral College. Trump's popular vote lead is shrinking.

The race tightens

South Carolina falls to Trump. Hillary up by four in the Electoral College. Trump- unsurprisingly- leads in Texas.

ADDENDUM: Whoops! The lead in Texas has just flipped. Hillary now on top.  Predictably, Clinton leads in Michigan.

Two more

New Jersey has fallen to Clinton and Oklahoma to Trump. Hillary leads the electoral vote 44 to 31. Trump still leads the popular vote, though.

The big guns start to sound

Massachusetts and Maryland- not surprisingly- have fallen to Hillary. The electoral vote is now tied at 24 apiece.


Ohio now bluish.


Trump back in the lead in S.C., but North Carolina is now leaning blue- as is Florida.