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watersblogged! recovers after being flooded out

Bears 28, Men in Braids 10

A Thanksgiving retrospective

And we re-elected this guy?

'Nuff said

Now that the election is over...

A parting piece of lunacy from Ron Paul

Looking head to 2016- and yes, at some point we have to

The blame on Bain is really quite insane

Treason is not the answer

Apparently crucifying people and throwing them to hungry lions is reasonable and civil behavior

In Europe as in Chicago, Christian values are verboten

The day a Narwhal killed an Orca

It's hard to be gracious after this particular defeat

There is something in the air...

BREAKING: Obama campaign warns supporters to "stay calm" when they hear exit poll results!

BREAKING: Internal Romney polls show him LEADING by one point in Ohio- and tied in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania!

For Project ORCA folks in blue states...

Bears 51, Titans 20

Election Eve: To the barricades! Or the polls. Whatever.

Give some liberals enough time, and they will turn into cartoons

Election Day Plus Two: Revenge against whom?

Or not.

Election Day Minus Three: Clear as Mud

Joe Biden strikes again!

Election Day Minus Four: It doesn't get much tighter

A salutary reminder

Election Day Minus FIve: Chaos