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Did Joe Biden plagiarize Hillary's claim of being shot at, too?

Northwestern 22, Iowa 17

A question for Charlie Liu

Family of soldier on Obama's wristband had asked him not to wear it

What more is there to be said?

So much for cultural diversity

A couple of interesting polls

Yes, Virginia. Barack Obama IS a radical!

Liberal theology: prescription for despair

Here's hoping the Dems keep attacking Palin

Turning somebody else's cheek

Moonbat virus from outer space takes over former Gore advisor's mind!

I knew it!

Cubs' second magic number of the day.....

Today's magic number for the Cubs:

Appeasers, old and new

Those irrational rationalists- or look, Richard Dawkins! It's Bigfoot!

To falsely cry "racism"

Wishful thinking

Magic number...

Earth to MSM! Check the credentials of the Democratic candidate for president before obsessing over Palin!

Obama retakes the lead

The voice of a 'healer...'

An outrage and a disgrace

Is Jack Cafferty ELCA?

Jack Cafferty: in ultimate denial

'The center will hold'

Cubs' magic number...

The real Target

Marketing post-modern religion as a campaign ploy

The best sign yet for McCain

Charles Gibson: professional suicide by hatchet

"So let it be written. So let it be done."

I think Zambrano's arm might be OK after all

Aussie researchers: Vegan or vegetarian diet shrinks brain!

Washington Times: McCain, not Obama, is the bi-partisan one

NY Post: Obama tried to DELAY agreement on U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq until after the election!

Elitist liberal snobs just can't understand why the ignorant, unwashed folk they want to help don't appreciate it

The hypocrisy and bad logic of pro-choice Catholics

Hillary aide Penn notes MSM's obsession with "getting" Sarah Palin

Barack Obama, walking contradiction

Obama's "lipstick" remarks weren't malicious. It's a great deal worse than that.

And the wolves are losing!

Chickens and roads, part deux

Those anti-science Leftists

Democrats talk more trash- and I do mean trash

Obama doesn't get it- again

Obama implies that Palin is a pig...

And no, I didn't forget...

Olbermann, Matthews out... and Obama should breathe a sigh of relief

Why the media, the Left, and the nutroots hate Sarah Palin

Why did the chicken cross the road?

A word to Democratic readers of this blog

Obama actually admits being wrong about the surge!

Obama finally admits it: The surge worked!

No comment

Zambrano prognosis good

'The official feminist sisterhood...taken over by the totalitarian Marxist tendency long ago'

You tell 'em, Sarah!

Sigh. Here we go again...

MSM meme of the night: If you think Jeremiah Wright doesn't love America, you're a Nazi

Announcing a fourth major browser: Google Chrome!

Palin and Obama