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Where is Bobby Fletcher now that you need him?

My old friend Charlie Liu (aka "Bobby Fletcher," virtually full-time web apologist for even the most outrageous crimes of the thugs in Bejing) probably hasn't heard yet, but a prisoner in the Chinese penal system (apparently criminal, rather than political, it should be said- though that distinction is somewhat arbitrary in the People's Republic) has died in jail of what the regime terms "Adult Sudden Death Syndrome."

His family, National Review reports, is at a loss to describe the stab and slash wounds on his body.

I wonder what "Bejing Bobby's" take on this would be. Doubtless it would be as hilarious as his attempts to defend the indefensible usually are.

In any case, take warning, adults: keep sharp objects out of your bed at all times. Especially if you're in China. Especially when they're being wielded by Party goons.

Lutherans favor non-violent path to world domination

The world can rest a little easier tonight.

Iowahawk reports that according to a Pew Research survey, Midwestern Lutherans overwhelmingly reject violence, terror and decapitation as means for achieving their cherished goal of world domination. A consensus seems to exist that the universal imposition of Two Kingdoms theology, orthodox theology in general,and universal quia subscription to the Book of Concord in particular should be pursued by peaceful means.

The survey reportedly reveals that the only demographic to embrace violence and terror as means of achieving the Lutheranization of the world are 18-to-35 year old male members of the Wisconsin Synod. Even here, the majority favoring random violence and bloodshed as means of Lutheranizing the world is within the poll's margin of error.

Missing from the survey is any differentiation between members of the ELCA and others claiming the Lutheran label. The failure to filter out responses from a sub-demographic unsure that violence …

Take THAT, Michael Moore!

You may have heard that Michael Moore- the moonbat moviemaker who stages events in "documentaries" and pretends that they were real, and who has never met an outlandish slander against America or its president he didn't like- has challenged Fred Thompson to a debate on healthcare.

Thompson had inquired as to whether Moore's attempt to get free Cuban health care for 9/11 responders might possibly violate laws against travel to Castroland.Moore responded- inanely as usual- by accusing Thompson of smoking Cuban cigars.

Here's FDT's response. Note that there is no evidence that FDT has ever smoked a Cuban cigar in his life. But the cigar is still a nice touch.

HT: The Raw Story

The real winner in that South Carolina debate wasn't even there

Well, that debate in South Carolina among all the Republican candidates (except the eventual nominee) was very interesting. The real winner seems- predictably- to be the man who wasn't there- Fred Thompson.

I really enjoyed the best sound-bite of the night: former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee's statement that "Congress spends money like John Edwards in a beauty shop." Though he's a distinct dark horse, were I, personally, charged with appointing the nominee, Huckabee would be on the short list- perhaps right after Thompson.

But to me, Huckabee's real moment of glory came when he finally punctured the absurd, morally indefensible position on abortion Mario Cuomo first tried to stake out in his imfamous Notre Dame speech- the one that has become the standard, boilerplate apologia for Roman Catholic Democrats (and now Republicans) who want to defy the moral teaching of their church on the issue: the notion that it's ethically possible to personally regard ab…

So Jerry Falwell is dead

Jerry Falwell- founder of the Moral Majority and in a sense of the Christian Right itself- is dead, his many faults covered by the blood of Christ and the considerable good he did well worth remembering.

Despite the infamous Tele-Tubbies nonsense and the other occasions upon which Falwell went well over the top, he was one of the most outspoken and visible advocates the cause of social conservatism had. He took a great many hits for the team, in an age often less interested in substantial dialog on controversial issues than in indentifying those who take unfashionable positions as bigots and/or fools.

Again, Falwell crossed the line between advocacy of socially conservative positions and counter-productive nonsense more than once. I was never really comfortable with the man; he was not someone I could easily see as a spokesman for my position. But he said many more things that needed saying than those few that were better left unsaid, and he's worthy of being remembered with gratitu…

Thoughts on the Thompson non-candidacy

It seems clear by now that the line Democratic pundits are going to take with Fred Thompson is that he had an undistinguished Senate career and nothing else to offer but his talent as an actor. I have to chuckle. After all, how distinguished a Senate career has Barack Obama had? And Fred Thompson made a far more important contribution to the Senate than Hillary Clinton has decades before he was ever elected to that body, when he was Republican counsel to the Senate Watergate Committee, and his own questioning first uncovered the existence of a recording system in the Oval Office!

Last week, Thompson fell flat in a California speech that was supposed to set the tone for his campaign. Bob Novak was particulary disappointed. Seems he was too conversational, rambling and folksy. Not enough fire there. Not enough ideology. Not enough partisanship. Not enough Reagan. Thompson, it is said, needs to tighten up his rhetoric, and heat it up, too.

No worries. No worries at all. I still long for th…

What's this? France- our friend again?!

Though I'm not blogging as often these days as I'd like, an event occurred last Sunday which must be remarked upon: France- yes, France!- elected a pro-American president!

Nicolas Sarkozy- who pledged to repair his country's alliance with the United States; who made a point of attending a memorial service in the States on 9/11 of last year;who wants to strengthen France's military; and who (while he doesn't believe that the United States should have invaded Iraq in the first place) says that it would be crazy for us to withdraw now, won 53% of the vote in a runoff against Socialist and Hillary-wannabe Ségolène Royal. Days before the election, Royal accused Sarkozy of being "a clone of George W. Bush." Well, the accusation didn't have its intended effect. Michael Reagan quotes one anonymous French voter as saying that she was "simply sick of all this anti-Americanism."

Sarkozy- the Interior Minister during that bizarre Muslim uprising in France…

Iraq and volcanoes

A staircase I passed today here at the main Des Moines library bears the following epic inscription:

I am very much in favor of providing employment for the disabled, and therefore consider it praiseworthy that the City of Des Moines has apparently engaged a schizophrenic to compose such inscriptions. Of course, as far as I can see, the line makes no possible sense whatsoever, but maybe that isn't the point.

Same with the Democratic position on Iraq. Mitt Romney nailed it during the debate at the Reagan Library the other day: to withdraw prematurely from Iraq would be to create a Somalia the size of California in the most explosive region of the world. It would be to leave the Shi'ite south to be annexed by Iran. Turkey- which contains a large Kurdish minority- would immediately face a threat to its own national integrity should the Kurdish North be severed from an Iraqi state- and become free to seek political …

Lutheran Carnival XLIX- not IL!- is up!

Lutheran Carnival XLIX- not, as previously reported, IL- is up over at Random Intolerance

Our official blog Latinist, Dr. Eric Phillips, gets the credit for the correction.

Thank you, Eric. As you suggest in your comment, I do care- at least a little bit!;)

At long last...

Well, I finally have access to a computer with an address bar, and can do cut-and-paste again. So at long last, I will respond to that rare Aardvark meme (he doesn't do them very often) which named me as a "thinking blogger." I am doubly honored by my inclusion in Rev. Paul McCain's list over at Cyberbrethren.

I am flattered immensely by both nominations, though I assure the Rev. Anteater that there are many subjects on which I am poorly informed indeed.

Both Rev. McCain's blog and that of The Aardvark himself would have been among of my nominees, as would several of the other blogs they nominated. As tempting as it is to cheat and include the blogs I would have chosen had either or both of the reverend gentlemen not already nominated them, I'm going to stipulate that all of the blogs they mention also work for me. But I'm going to try to come up with five new ones. I must, of course, acknowledge- as both Rev. McCain and Rev. Anteater did- that this meme pu…