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A good idea

Gutierrez named Commerce Secretary

Judicial tyranny

We can dream, can't we?

French vaccine?


Illustrating the bigotry of the cultural Left

Germany and the Gauleiter Imams

This should be good!

Discrimination, thy name is ACLU

EU constitution omits reference to Christian heritage

FYI, America...

Schools, God and Thanksgiving

Four words.


Wictory Wednesday, November 24

Yes, conservatives sometimes can REALLY be bigots


CBS anchorless and adrift


Pity the poor artist!

Missed opportunity


Where is Charles Martel when we need him?

Give us a break, Kofi

Well, it's like this...

No matter which way you look at the world, Left isn't right

Just a Kofi klatch

Kerry Says Osama Tape Cost Him Election

Bush won. Deal with it

Maybe it's the water

How much confidence?

Poor, picked on Bill!

Yepsen chimes in

More on those exit polls

A riddle

Wictory Wednesday, November 17 (Victory Plus 15 Days)

Debating out of ignorance...and incoherence

Klein on "The Values Gap"

You tell 'em, Senator!

It's Condi!

Poor hysterical, neurotic Democrats!

Rice in '08?

Saying "Ayatoll-ya so"

Hornet's Nest


Veteran's Day, 2004

Peggy's havin' fun

Yasser! Now peace has a chance.

The media and Fallujah

The Returns

Gonzales to succeed Ashcroft

Link to a great cartoon!

Was there a conspiracy to suppress the votes...of Republicans?

The 2004 Election in a Nutshell

Dems don't understand religion

Poor Howard Dean!

And while we're on the subject...

The Comedy Continues

Wictory Wednesday: Viva la reelection!

Bush, the Bush Haters, and Religious Fanatics: Talking the Talk vs. Walking the Walk

Only four years until 2008!


Bin Laden follows Democratic Party line

The Second Term

Two for Forty-Three

And now, it's over

It's official!

Bush won, Dan. Get over it.

Hang in there, Dubyah!

Results at 9:53 Eastern

Zogby and first returns

This is it!

Link to Bin Laden threat

Men or Spaniards?

Zogby for Monday