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Judicial tyranny

Illustrating the bigotry of the cultural Left

Consider the following two cartoons:

The first is from the Rolling Stone. The second seems to originate with a not-very-clever, bigoted and rather boorish blog called Jesusland, which purports (it's meant to be satire, you see) to celebrate the birth of a new "crypto-Fascist" state by that name.

These two cartoons illustrate just how deep is the cultural doo-doo in which the Left finds itself. The point is reinforced by the apparent inability of large segments of the cultural Left to see the problem. Perhaps if they stare at these cartoons long enough, it will dawn on them.

Perhaps, but I doubt it. They are, you see, everything they claim that conservative Christians are: self-righteous True Believers who are, for the most part, simply unable to transcend their own ideological mindset.

Some time before Fr. Richard John Neuhaus left Lutheranism (for what I found to be rather ill-conceived reasons) to become a Catholic priest, I head him speak at Concordia Seminary in St. L…

This should be good!

Alan Dershowitz , who wrote a book a few years ago criticizing the U.S. Supreme Court for intervening to call a halt to the Democratic Party's attempt to steal Florida and the Presidency in 2000 through a crooked recount designed to end only when they had, by hook or by crook (more likely by crook), manufactured a phony majority for Al Gore, has undertaken an even less enviable task. He's written a book seeking to establish a philosophically viable yet purely secular argument for the sanctity of human rights.

I have to read this book, since the proposal seems absurd on its face. If the basis for recognizing the rights of other folks is that we decide, on whatever basis, that we think it's a good idea, what's to stop us from changing our minds? Or from recognizing certain rights for certain people, but not for others? It's hard to make an intellectually coherent post-modern argument for anything, but Derschowitz really has his work cut out for on this one. If Thomas…

EU constitution omits reference to Christian heritage

It seems that it's not only American secularists who have no sense of either history or proportion. The proposed constitution of the European Union omits any reference to Europe's Christian heritage- which, not to put too fine a point on it, is the history and heritage of European civilization.

Any document that presumes to speak for European civilization but declines to recognize the roots of that civilization in the Christian faith is historically dishonest. In the States, theism- but not necessarily Christianity- is foundational to our history and culture; one might get away with a vague reference to Jefferson's one-size-fits-all "nature and nature's God," and everyone would be happy. In fact, as the general reaction among American Christians to the "Prayer for America" travesty in Yankee Stadium in the aftermath of 9/11 shows all too well, most American Christians don't even see the difference. The bottom line is that while a belief in a deit…

Wictory Wednesday, November 24

Two House seats remain undecided. The people of Louisiana will be filling them in the next couple of weeks

Hence, today's Wictory Wednesday appeal is for the Louisiana Republican Party.

The Wictory Wednesday Blogroll can be found here.

Yes, conservatives sometimes can REALLY be bigots

When liberals begin believing their rhetoric, their prejudices and ideologically-based assumptions tend to run away with them. They, at least, have some excuse.

But here's a conservative Wisconsin radio host who let typically liberal assumptions warp his perceptions somehow- and it got him into trouble, as well it should have.

Thing is, though, he still believes the absurd lie about one of the most powerful and dynamic people in American govenment. A liberal might believe such a lie because his ideologically-based biases tell him that it should be true. Many liberals just can't get their minds around the fact that this administration has elevated more minorities to positions of real power and influence than has any other adminstration in history.

But I just don't understand what excuse this guy has. I mean, he's supposed to be a conservative. Or so they tell us, anyway.

This dude shouldn't just apologize to Secretary-Designate Rice for his racist remark. He should …


What an amazingly feckless article!

Saddam could have complied with the UN resolutions only by destroying his WMD's under UN supervision and accounting for the chemical and biological weapons everybody knew he had.

He did neither.

This article is a testimony to the resolute, stubborn ignorance of those who are determined to defend the indefensible position that there could be any rational motivation whatsoever for Saddam Hussein to have gotten rid of his WMD's and not told anybody about it. Only a fool- or a liberal- could, at the time, have treated Saddam's persistent failure to comply with the requirement that he document the destruction of his WMD in the detail required by seventeen seperate United Nations Security Council resolutions, and by the treaty ending the First Gulf War, as anything but a failure to destroy them at all.

There would have been absolutely no point in Saddam destroying them secretly. If that is what he did, it is the crowning act of madness in the c…

Pity the poor artist!

Lutheran academic and culture critic Gene Veithis bemused by the puzzlement of Far Left "artists" and the failure of the American electorate to take their advice as to whom to elect as President.

The crazy thing is, I really don't think these people understand how absurd their arrogance, coupled with their over-the-top rhetoric, makes them look- or the role which I firmly believe each played in ensuring the outcome they so bathetically denounce.


Today is the 41st anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy. I heard on the news this morning that is also the occasion of the release of a new video game entitled JFK Reloaded, the object of which is to fire three shots within the allotted time into the President's head and body from the sixth floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository in Dealey Plaza.

A spokesman for Sen. Ted Kennedy describes the game as "despicable." For once, I agree with Teddy. Beyond despicable, though, it's downright sick- and yet another indication of the depths to which this culture of ours has plunged in recent years.

Where is Charles Martel when we need him?

European anti-Americanism and post-colonial guilt is rapidly transforming Islam into a potent cultural and political force there- and raising the serious possibility that a clash of cultures is in the offing that could effectively reverse Charles Martel's victory at Tours and turn Europe into an Islamic continent.

Islam- for all its frequent cultural ugliness and for all the moral perversity of so many of its most ardent supporters- at least stands for something. Europe's culture, on the other hand, stands for even less than that of the American cultural Left.

Just a Kofi klatch

Saddam Hussein wasn't the first to defy the United Nations with impunity. He won't be the last. In fact, the real question is whether, no matter how grave the threat or monstrous the genocide, the UN will ever again actually intervene in a grave international crisis in the manner envisaged by its founders.

Twelve years, seventeen empty resolutions, an expulsion of the inspectors... and when, at last, the United States, Britain, and a handful of other nations acted themselves to give effectual life to the UN's own repeated and long-standing position, it was the Coalition which was villified. Not only that, but both the evil and cynical on one hand and the innocent and naive on the other accused the nations of the Coalition for a "rush to war" in merely enforcing the otherwise empty threats made by seventeen seperate UN Security Council resolutions over a period of twelve years!

Now, as for long years past, the Christians of Sudan are facing persecution and outright …

Kerry Says Osama Tape Cost Him Election

John Kerry thinks that Osama bin Laden's tape promising not to carry out terrorist attacks in states which voted for him cost him the election.

It certainly didn't help. But Kerry, like a great many of his supporters, is in denial. What cost him the election was the weakness of his own foreign policy, and the insubstantial nature of his critique of President Bush's. That, and his own perceived deficiencies as a leader.

Bush won. Deal with it

The reaction of many Democrats and Left-wing extremists other than Ronstadt to President Bush's re-election is also so over the top that even its poignancy doesn't make it less funny.

All these people badly need treatment. It needs to at least be established that they are not a threat to themselves or others before they are allowed around sharp objects.

It is not a good thing for a democracy when such a large percentage of a major political party is suffering from blatent paranoid delusions. There is simply no other way to describe this stuff. I mean, this nonsense is right out of DSM IV, or Al Gore.

Poor, picked on Bill!

The Clinton Library opened today.

One of Bill Clinton's less attractive attributes has always been his prodigious capacity for self-pity. The library apparently embodies this characteristic of the former President.The following is reported of the exhibit covering the trivial and unimportant episode touched off by nothing more than Mr. Clinton's decision to lie under oath in a criminal proceeding while serving as the nation's Chief Magistrate: "Parts of the text, such as 'character assassination,' 'politics of persecution' and 'rumors and accusations,' are highlighted in yellow. And it asserts: 'The impeachment battle was not about the Constitution or rule of law, but was instead about a quest for power that the president's opponents could not win at the ballot box.'"

Poor baby! In the spirit of bi-partisanship, a suggestion, Mr. President: Move the impeachment exhibit to the basement, and re-name it "The Whine Cellar."…

Yepsen chimes in

David Yepsen is the political editor of the Des Moines Register, which advertises itself as "Iowa's Best Read Newspaper." Its editorial policy is such that many question whether the third word in that slogan might not better be spelled "Red."

Well, OK. That's an old joke, besides being Joe McCarthy/Al Gore-style " over-the-top." But the Register is, by any criterion, one of the most extreme Left-wing major newspapers in America- though it's worth mentioning that by most criteria it's generally also regarded as one of the best, copping more than its share of Pulitzers and other awards on a regular basis.

Nevertheless, when the Register's political editor has this to say about Democrats and their performance in Iowa, the party which once told us that we have nothing to fear but fear itself but now has nothing to offer but fear itself (seasoned with pathetically hysterical rhetoric and routine character assassination) would do well to pay…

Debating out of ignorance...and incoherence

Catholics in the Public Square has an amusing collection of rather inept attempts by Leftist bloggers to critique Christian conservatives.

A Lutheran scholar, Dr. Gene Veith of Concordia University in Mequon, Wisconsin, has written an interesting book arguing convincingly that the central premise of many of these bloggers- that there is no objective criterion of right and wrong, and that therefore these are matters of mere individual taste- while utterly incompatible with the strongly dogmatic assertions about the kind of universe we live in made by, say, Thomas Jefferson (a rationalist and a Deist!) or James Madison as the basis for their assertions on political philosophy, but in fact form the very foundation of the philosophical framework of Adolph Hitler. Hey, dudes... what if I like racism or sexism or "homophobia?" By your own first principles, you have no moral right to condemn that preference!

The interesting thing about these guys is that they don't realize, in …

Klein on "The Values Gap"

Good to see Joe Klein displaying uncharactaristic common sense regarding the disconnect between the Democrats and the American people on questions of religion and values.

The following, though, contains more bologna than a butcher's window: "After all, the Democrats took flagrantly responsible stands on the two most important issues of the election: in favor of muscular multilateralism abroad and fiscal responsibility at home."

There was nothing "muscular" about John Kerry's flaccid desire to sacrifice our national interests in order to let the irresolute, generally naive, viscerally anti-American, and congenitally ineffectual consensus of world opinion dictate American foreign policy. Further, the cheap shot about "fiscal responsibility" is silly; discretionary spending has actually decreased under the Bush administration from where it was under Bill Clinton, every wartime president in our history has run a deficit- and despite his cooked numbers…

Rice in '08?

So Colin Powell is stepping down- reportedly in favor of Condi Rice.

Secretaries of State make viable Presidential candidates. I wonder whether this might not be the moment to start the Rice in 2008 movement!

Saying "Ayatoll-ya so"

1980: the year America first became aware of the emnity and irrationality of what is the 21st Century antithesis of Western Civilization just as much as that of the 14th Century: militant Islam.

The regime in Tehran has been at the bottom of most, if not all, of our problems with that entity ever since the Carter administration- and sooner or later, we're going to have to settle with these turbaned turkeys.

Hornet's Nest


Veteran's Day, 2004


Was there a conspiracy to suppress the votes...of Republicans?

Don Imus led a chorus of pundits on the morning of Election Day in discussing the "buzz" that John Kerry was going to win. Karl Rove was "sick" over exit polls that "didn't make any sense-" until the raw vote showed that Rove was right, and the polls wrong. And an election whose outcome was perfectly clear on Election Night was stretched out into the next day by the refusal of Certain Biased Segments of the media to call Ohio even though John Kerry would have had to take virtually every absentee and provisional ballot in the state in order to overcome the Bush lead- a fact to which Kerry sensibly reacted by conceding Wednesday morning.

What happened? Dick Morris's explanation is just about the only one that makes sense: that the exit polls were rigged in an attempt to suppress the Bush vote through the appearance of an overwhelming Kerry victory in the making.

So much for "counting every vote!"

Dems don't understand religion

When all is said and done, the Democratic Party understands neither religion nor its proper, traditional, and constitutional role in our common public life.

Arguably much of the Religious Right doesn't, either. But at least it sees that abortion, for example, is no more an exclusively "religious" issue than slavery, capital punishment, pacifism, concern for social justice, or any of the other philosophical concerns which have arisen from religious convictions over the years.

"God says so" as an argument for any of these is dumb and self-defeating in the public square, not dangerous. The very pluralism of our society's convictions about God and religious epistemology prevent "for the Bible tells me so" from being an effective argument. But when argued on pragmatic grounds, as public policy rather than as theology, such concerns have always had a place in the American political arena- and rightly so.

Wictory Wednesday: Viva la reelection!

Wictory Wednesday continues!

Today, the Blogs for Bush (soon to be GOPBloggers) are asking for support for the Republican National Committee.President Bush's re-election is only the first step in the process of setting the agenda for the next decade and more. Please visit here
to make your donation!

The Wictory Wednesday blogroll can be found here.

Bush, the Bush Haters, and Religious Fanatics: Talking the Talk vs. Walking the Walk

Christopher Hitchens is certainly an odd bird- a secularist Left Winger who admires George Bush and whose integrity would not let him oppose the Iraq War.

While I disagree with his notion that "secularism" is a good thing (I would say the things he says of "secularism" with regard to pluralism, which is something very different), this article draws a fascinating contrast between Bush's active war on genuine religious fanaticism and the Left's tsk-tsking at what it imagines to be religious fanaticism, but is actually mere dissent from its own brand of religious "orthodoxy."

Only four years until 2008!

I've been taking it easy since Tuesday as far as blogging is concerned. Part of it is not wanting to gloat; as obnoxious as the Left has been over the past four years, they're in pain right now, and it seems only Christian charity to take the advice Mom used to give: "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." Then, too, it's nice to be able to sit back and enjoy victory, secure in the knowledge that the Good Guys will be running things for another four years.

My wife will be flying out from Iowa and we'll be attending the inauguration, just like we did the one four years ago. It's funny the way George W. Bush has been such a recurring theme in our marriage.

Lots of speculation continues about the second term. It seems that Rudy Giuliani doesn't want John Ashcroft's job. It'll be interesting seeing who the new Attorney General and Secretary of State turn out to be. Something worth bearing in mind, BTW: with Dick Chene…


Months ago, I attended the organizational meeting for the Bush campaign in Iowa. As I recall, we lost Iowa by something like 1,400 votes in 2000.

The goal- obviously- was to make up the difference this time.I frankly was skeptical Well, amazingly, Iowa- the state of my normal residence- is now, officially, a Red State.

Two for Forty-Three

--Courtesy Linda Eddy,

And now, it's over

The concession speeches and the victory statements have been duly given. John Kerry and John Edwards were gracious in defeat, President Bush and Vice-President Cheney were inspiring in victory, and Campaign 2004 is behind us.

I resisted the temptation to run down to the Reagan Center for POTUS's victory statement, as much as I would have loved to have been there; after all, I have to work tonight. But there's a sense of closure brought by the proper use of that most civilized of American political customs, the concession statement and the victory speech. Both candidates played their roles well.

Let it be remembered of John Kerry that, knowing how traumatic another fiasco like 2000 would have been for America, he loved his country enough to spare it that- and, like defeated presidential candidates of decades past, opted for healing rather than rancor once the verdict of the people had been rendered.

Let us hope that the bitterness passes now. George W. Bush is the first President …

It's official!

The Associated Press just reported that Senator Kerry has called President Bush to concede the election.

A public statement by the defeated Democratic nominee is expected shortly.

Bush won, Dan. Get over it.

When last heard from, gentle reader, yours truly was departing for work, with President Bush closing in on victory in Florida and things looking good in Ohio. Before departing, I made the comment that if he carried both, it was hard to see how he could not win the election.

Well, guess what? He carried both. And he won the election.

But CBS won't admit it, and the Democrats are carrying on their mantra about "wanting every vote to be counted." You know. The one they used in their attempt to steal Florida by counting votes nobody ever cast four years ago, and then claiming that imaginary voters were being disenfranchised when Republicans insisted that only real votes cast by real voters should count.

Dan Rather and company, having manufactured two- count 'em, two- phony stories in the closing weeks of the campaign in an attempt to avoid this outcome for the election, is clinging to the lame excuse that roughly as the same number of provisional and absentee ballots hav…

Hang in there, Dubyah!

Unfortunately, it's time for this blogger to go to work.

Right now- 10:30 PM Eastern Time- President Bush has 193 electoral votes and 52% of the popular vote, compared to 112 electoral votes and 48% for Senator Kerry.

Florida gives the President a 52-48 lead with 85% of the vote in, and Ohio shows the President up 52-47 with 34% of the precincts reporting. Back home in Iowa- which Al Gore narrowly carred in 2000- reports vary, with local stations showing a slight Bush lead with five percent in.

If the President hangs on in Florida and Ohio, I think we're in good shape. In any event, when I next post (some time tomorrow morning), we should know.

I'm cautiously optimistic.

Prayer is in order. As always.
To Keep America Safe...
To Keep the Recovery Going...
To Maintain American Sovereignty Over American Foreign Policy...

For any informed person who loves America, the alternative doesn't bear thinking about!

Men or Spaniards?

The site is getting too many hits right now for me to link to, but theNew York Post is reporting that Osama bin Laden is threatening the residents of any state President Bush carries tomorrow.

You read it here first, people. Tommorrow we will find out whether we are men or Spaniards:



November 1, 2004 -- WASHINGTON - Osama bin Laden warned in his
October Surprise video that he will be closely monitoring the state-
by-state election returns in tomorrow's presidential race — and will
spare any state that votes against President Bush from being
attacked, according to a new analysis of his statement.

The respected Middle East Media Research Institute, which monitors
and translates Arabic media and Internet sites, said initial
translations of a key portion of bin Laden's video rant to the
American people Friday night missed an ostentatious bid by the Saudi-
born terror master to divide American voters and tilt the…

Zogby for Monday

According to the Reuters-Zogby Tracking Poll- historically the most accurate- President Bush has reclaimed a one-point lead- 48% to 47% forJean Kerry- on this morning before the election.

Yesterday the poll had the candidates tied at 48% all. This positive movement is certainly a good sign for the President, but I wouldn't read too much into it. The margins not only in this poll but in most of the others are simply too close to be relied upon, especially given standard margins of error. Mr. Bush goes into the last twenty-four hours of the campaign with an average lead of 1.7% in the polls.

Zogby is a Democrat (albeit a pro-life Democrat) who has been predicting a Kerry victory for months.

Polls in the so-called "battleground states" are all over the place. Bush continues to look better in the most tracking polls in most of the close states than he does in Reuters-Zogby, which has Kerry leading in six of these states and Bush in only three.

Personally, I would be very surpr…