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Is David French the third party candidate?

Well, the Romney speculation aside, it seems that Bill Kristol has labored mightily and brought forth a mouse.

But if so, I'm going to vote for that mouse.

Reports are circulating that the independent conservative presidential candidate will be Iraqi Freedom veteran, Constitutional lawyer, and National Review writer David French.

Whether he meets Kristol's description of an "impressive" candidate with "a real chance" is debatable, to say the least. Mitt Romney, for one, speaks highly of French. By all accounts, he's a very smart man and a man of integrity. Other than having considerably more regard for the Constitution than Hillary or Il Duce, however, it's admittedly hard to see how his experience qualifications to be president.

Of course, the fact that he's an expert on the Constitution Donald Trump is apparently both ignorant of and indifferent to in and of itself makes him better qualified than Il Duce, who  has no visible qualifications what…

ABC News- Washington Post poll: Clinton 37, Trump 35, Romney 22

An ABC News-Washington Post poll indicates that a conservative third party bid by Mitt Romney would not be as hopeless as we're being encouraged to believe.

The poll shows Hillary Clinton with 37% to 35% for Il Duce and 22% for Romney.

Given the dissatisfaction of the electorate with the Clinton/Trump choice and the prospect of being exposed to both of them over the next several months, Romney is going to look awfully good. And for a third party candidate for whom little groundwork has been laid, fifteen points is by no means an impossible deficit to overcome.

Bottom line: given a choice between Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Mitt Romney, Romney- who would have by far the lowest negatives of the three- would also be the only one likely to come across as a credible president.

This is doable.

Herod would be happy to hear this

"Ethicists" associated with Oxford University seem to have finally accepted that there is no moral difference between children who have been born and children who haven't yet.

They say that human beings in both categories are "ethically irrelevant," and that it's OK to kill them.

Just as gay and lesbian groups are now claiming "discrimination" when parochial schools decline to enroll actively gay students after assuring us that they would never interfere with the right of churches to conduct their affairs in agreement with their own theological convictions, the left is also beginning, it seems, to abandon its feigned horror at the suggestion that abortion is the ethical equivalent of infanticide. Now at least some sick few want both to be legal.

And we're hearing the opening salvos in the battle to extend the legal definition of marriage to groups of more than two people- again, just like we were told we were crazy or predicting would happen …

Canadian Conservatives sell out marriage

By a decisive margin, the  convention Canadian Conservative party- recently sent into opposition after nine years in power- voted to drop the position that marriage was in its essence the union of one man and one woman.

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper had effectively squelched opposition to abortion among Canadian Conservatives. Now, the Conservative party that could not stand up for life also has chosen to abandon society's most basic institution, accepting the extension of marriage to a population among whom monogamy is not an expectation even in "committed" relationships.

The party also wants to legalize marijuana.

As bad as Justin Trudeau is, it seems reasonable at this stage to ask whether the Conservatives are any better.

Why the polls right now are deceptive

Charlie Cook of the National Journal explains why the polls showing a horserace between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are misleading.

The race is going to look very different once Hillary has put her divisive intra-party fight with Bernie Sanders behind her. Once Bernie is on board, even without a conservative third party Hillary's lead will begin to grow.

This is a remarkable election year, in that both parties have nominated their weakest possible candidates. I have to agree that Clinton's own high negative numbers will probably prevent her from burying Trump in the kind of landslide he would be crushed by in a normal year. Still, it's important to remember that despite Hillary's high negatives, Trump's are an order of magnitude higher.

I still do not believe that even in the best case scenario for Trump he has any chance at all of being elected. I do not believe that the Obama administration will allow the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee to be ind…

Bullies need to have somebody stand up to them

And Donald Trump is a bully.

Jay Cost of The Weekly Standard suggests that standing up to this particular bully isn't as hopeless as so many people say, especially given the unprecedented unpopularity of both candidates.

And I can see a third party or independent candidate with sufficient gravitas- Mitt Romney comes to mind- doing what Abe Lincoln did in 1860 and Teddy Roosevelt very nearly did in 1912. This is the year for breaking rules. Maybe it's also a year for facing down bullies.

The bottom line: Michael Medved nails it on Trump

The evidence—especially the man's own pronouncements—suggests that Trump would most likely be a disaster in every regard, The risks of Trump himself utterly shredding the Constitution seem to me more formidable than the risks of Clinton-appointed justices to the Supreme Court doing that sort of damage.      

--Michael Medved
Meanwhile, a summer reading suggestion for conservatives (or anyone else) planning to vote for Trump: Phillip Roth's The Plot Against America.

And here's an article by Fred Barnes on the relative handful of prominent conservative intellectuals who are supporting Trump, and a reply to their arguments.

In other news, William Kristol tweeted over the weekend a "heads up" that there will indeed be an independent conservative candidate for president this Fall, and that he will be an "impressive" one with a first-rate team and "a real chance."

Something tells me it might be Mitt Romney.

My response to Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager has written a thoughtful piece explaining why he cannot understand the position of many conservatives, including myself, who do not see that stopping Hillary Clinton is more important than stopping Donald Trump. This is my response to Mr. Prager and several other people I respect who feel the same way.

Those memes of Donald Trump in a Nazi uniform about to push a button that will gas Bernie Sanders or of Ben Shapiro (above) dressed as a concentration camp inmate at “Camp Trump” were posted on the internet by Trump’s supporters, not his opponents. Spend any time at all on Twitter with them and you’ll come to realize the kind of people he attracts.

As bad as Hillary would doubtless be, I fail to see a single one of the issues Mr. Prager mentions on which we can rely on Trump to act any differently than she would. He changes his positions as often as it's to his advantage to change them, and in whatever direction. Less than a year ago he was for amnesty, pro-choice, and…

Texas DA's affidavit shows that her office colluded with Planned Parenthood in the video case

The guilty parties have admitted to illegally conspiring to transfer an investigation into from Planned Parenthood's baby chop shop business to pro-life journalists David Dalieden and Sandra Merritt, who sought to expose it.

Assistant District Attorney Sunni Mitchell admitted deceiving Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in order to share evidence against Planned Parenthood with attorneys for the abortion provider. Paxton had ordered the Harris County District Attorney to conduct an investigation into allegations, supported by videos made by Dalieden and Harris, that Planned Parenthood was illegally selling pieces of aborted fetuses for profit and designing abortion procedures so as to ensure the saleability of organs. Paxton had specifically ordered the District Attorney's office not to share evidence with Planned Parenthood. But the DA disobeyed the order, and Planned Parenthood attorney Josh Schaffer says he then "suggested" to the District Attorney's office tha…

The Donald dons his tinfoil hat. Again.

You may remember that back when her husband was president, a dear friend of Hillary Clinton- White House aide Vince Foster- committed suicide in Rock Creek Park. By all reports, Hillary was devastated.

Well, Donald Trump is insinuating that he was murdered and that Hillary had something to do with it!

Why would she do that? Why would he think that? Why with no motive or evidence would he say it even if he did? Is there any nutty conspiracy theory this man will not endorse? He's claimed that vaccines cause autism. I've yet to hear him admit that President Obama was not, as he claimed, born in Kenya. He's claimed that George W. Bush knew in advance that 9/11 was going to happen and that he knew that there were no WMD's in Iraq when he ordered the invasion. He thinks that Antonin Scalia may have been murdered, and claimed that Ted Cruz's father was somehow implicated in the Kennedy assassination.

Does he ever stop and pay attention to what's going to come out of h…

Ignore the polls. It's not going to be close.

It's written by a liberal in a liberal paper, but here's a pretty good explanation of why you shouldn't believe that because the polls are close at the moment and Rasmussen has him winning by five points he's going to escape being buried alive this November.

Rasmussen's methods have given them a track record of overestimating the Republican vote, and their methodology this time out leads to conclusions that are almost funny. Hillary is not going to get less than half of the non-white vote, and The Donald isn't going to come anywhere near 23% of the Hispanic vote! And once the Democratic propaganda machine that did such a number on better men like John McCain and Mitt Romney is done with this clown, he's going to wish he'd never embarked on this ego trip.

The real thing to worry about is the Democrats retaking one or both houses of Congress. But only twice in our history ha either party won four straight elections. Trump will be such an enormous drag on…

Trump's ugly following, and why it must not be allowed power

Twitter is a fascinating place. Talk politics- and especially about Donald Trump- on Twitter for very long these days and Trump's core constituency will come scurrying out from beneath whatever rocks they call home like so many cockroaches.

Be warned. Not only are they crazy and full of hate, but they are not from the same planet the rest of us call home. Or even the same galaxy. They have their own reality- and it has very little to do with the one we live in.

Some actually seem to imitate The Donald's juvenile habit of responding to criticism or disagreement first, last and always by character assassination and name-calling. Some even imitate his cadences and rhetorical style, incoherence and all.

Here you will find self-proclaimed fascists and anti-Semites galore, along with white supremacists of every description. They are coming out into the light now because they've been legitimized by Trump's impending nomination by the party of Abraham Lincoln. They have a spe…

And speaking of Donald Trump...

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway tweeted about this Marc Fitch article at The Federalist on the nature and uses of horror fiction.

Interesting and instructive.

Yes, there IS something worse than Hillary Clinton

A nation with a great past has fallen on hard times. Part of the problem is economic. Part is a loss of national identity and self-confidence. There is strong dissatisfaction with conventional politics and with politicians. The nation is severely polarized ideologically, but neither the Right nor the Left seems to have the answers people are looking for. The nation feels threatened by forces both inside and outside itself, and people feel insecure personally as well as financially.

Then along comes a man who transcends ideology. He is, quite frankly, a con man, a demagogue. His program is a self-contradictory mess, an ideological hodge-podge. The details may change over and over again. But they don't matter. Ideas don't matter. What matters is The Leader. He believes himself to be a man of destiny, a history-making, messianic figure who is able to solve all the nation's problems, not with policy or practical solutions, but through the force of his own leadership and perso…

Symphony: If you have a blog, check it out!

You may have noticed the banner at the top of the page and the social media links on the left side, which are not standard Blogger widgets. They're from a service called Symphony, which is a nice tool for us bloggers, and a versatile one.

Blog widgets some and blog widgets go. I"m still in mourning for Blogrolling, which made linking to other blogs one finds useful so much easier and efficient. And I was delighted with Networked Blogs, the free utility which enabled blog posts to be automatically shared to Facebook and Twitter.

Alas, such things cost money and Networked Blogs has ridden off into the sunset. But Symphony, its replacement, is an upgrade. After a free trial you have to pay for it, but it includes links on your blog to social media and a banner (like the one above) with a specialized link to the web page of your choice, as well as a range of other tools which go far beyond simply automatically posting your blogging to social media.

Obviously, I liked free better.…

Trump issues new and improved version of the Bible

Donald Trump, a professing Christian, has long had serious problems with certain aspects of the Bible. Since it obviously cannot be Trump who is in error, he has therefore issued a new an improved version, fixing the things God got wrong.

It should be a big seller among Trump supporters, many of whom seem to have trouble telling the difference between the two anyway.

Trump expressed confidence that  the Almighty would b grateful for the mentoring. "I'm sure He'll be encouraged," The Donald said, "in his aspiration to someday be another Donald Trump."

God's press secretary, the Archangel Gabriel, had no comment but did not look happy.

Meanwhile, meteorologists were at a loss to explain the darkening of the skies over Trump Tower and the fact that lightning has struck it n the average of once every five minutes since the announcement. Coincidentally, that's the same average interval a recent study said passes between lies told by Trump.

The long-term…

Current Las Vegas odds on the election

Beyond bizarre

Students at a California university have created a "listening space" to recover from the "trauma" of having Ben Shapiro give a speech there a few months ago.

This includes students who weren't at the speech.

Poor babies! Not only are they traumatized by hearing an opinion they disagree with, but they're traumatized by hearing about it.

I guess the term "liberal education" need to be revised to "progressive education." Or simply "nursery school."

HT: National Review Online

Suddenly, the judicial conservative: Donald, Donald, Donald Chameleon

The chameleon is an African lizard which, as its primary defense mechanism, changes its coloring to fit in with its surroundings. It's a fragile critter which is very hard to keep alive in captivity. But it can be thought of as nature's ultimate opportunist. Does its self-interest require it to be a leaf? It's a leaf. Does its self-interest require it to be a flower? It's a flower. Does its self-interest require it to be a piece of bark? Arf, arf.

Donald Trump is a lifelong Democrat who voted twice for both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. But when it was in his own self-interest, he suddenly "saw the light" and became a Republican in order to run for president. Very soon before announcing his candidacy, in fact. Not since Saul of Tarsus has there been such a sudden, dramatic and complete conversion.

Well, sort of.  He 's held on to some of his previous positions and is changing them piecemeal as his political interests dictate that he address them. This h…

Trump's foreign policy would be a disaster

Here's a good article by veteran State Department official Elliot A. Cohen on why Donald Trump's isolationist foreign policy would be a disaster both for America and for the world.

Republicans were isolationists back in the 'Thirties. How did that turn out? The great Bob Taft was probably the last credible Republican to embrace that discredited approach to world affairs, though that irrelevant breed of dinosaurs called Paleoconservatives and marginal types like Pat Buchanan still cling to the illusion that we're living in a world before the steamship and the airplane and the intercontinental ballistic missile, when America could afford to go its own its own way and let the rest of the world hang, and still survive.

But the community of nations required leadership even  then. Great Britain largely provided it. The safety of the world has always depended on some relatively benign power with more muscle than any other single nation not so much playing world policeman (the…

After all these years, will Vietnam become a strategic ally of the United States?

It's barely possible that when President Obama returns from his visit to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Communist Vietnam may be, of all things, a de facto strategic ally of the United States!

The catalyst is China's growing aggressiveness toward Vietnam. Vietnam's internal political situation makes the easing of civil liberties the United States will likely require in order to facilitate closer ties possible.

Having a U.S. base at Cam Ranh Bay again, though unlikely, is not beyond the realm of possibility. As Harry Caray would say, "Who'da thunk it?"

Trump isn't bringing new people into the GOP after all, it seems

You now how the Trumpbots are always claiming that Il Duce is bringing people into the GOP? Well, guess what.

According to the available numbers, it's not happening.

He is driving them out, though.

Meanwhile, Bill Kristol- called a "renegade Jew" in a bizarre hit piece in Breitbart by David Limbaugh, for who whom I had hitherto some respect- says that while before he'd been thinking o the new party he's working to form as the "New Federalists" or the "New Whigs," he's now leaning toward "Renegade Party."

"New Whigs" has been done. But "New Federalists" has a nice ring to it. I could get down with that.

But Kristol had better hurry up. Tom Cobern would be fine.

Caricature by DonkeyHotey

It's what fascists do.

London's new Muslim mayor made some rather mild and frankly sensible comments about Donald Trump's bizarre plan to exclude Muslims from America.

Trump, predictably, threatened him.

Even at a stage at which he's trying to seem presidential, The Donald has a tough time shaking his inner bully. I really find it hard to believe that people don't stop and think about a potential president who not only promises to order our troops to commit war crimes and proposes the gutting of free speech by allowing him to sue people who criticize him, but also promises to abuse the presidency as an instrument of personal revenge for petty slights.

Goes along with his Narcissistic Personality Disorder and his low self-esteem.

Observations on Thomas Sowell's observations about the mess we're in

My respect for Thomas Sowell is such that when he speaks to a crisis such as America faces in the current presidential campaign, I make it a point to listen. As I have come to expect, he addresses the matter in this article both calmly and wisely. He begins:

We must frankly face the fact that the front-runners in both political parties represent a new low, at a time of domestic polarization and unprecedented nuclear dangers internationally. This year’s general election will offer a choice between a thoroughly corrupt liar and an utterly irresponsible egomaniac.

The Republican establishment, whose serial betrayals of their supporters created the setting for a Donald Trump to arise, must now decide how best to deal with the apparent inevitability of his candidacy.

Choosing among various unpalatable options may require some tricky maneuvering on their part, but they have been used to tricky maneuvering before, which is how they find themselves in this predicament in the first place.

On the other hand...

Herein Ben Shapiro makes the case for not running a third party ticket, but just staying home on Election Day, watching Trump lose, and picking up the pieces in 2020.

You go ahead. I'll watch. And if I like what you come up with four years from now, this independent may vote for it. Otherwise, I'll take another nap.

But I won't share a party with the Trump people anymore. And I'm not too keen about the Cruz people, either

A victory lap for the First Amendment

Todd Wilken and company consider today's Supreme Court victory for religious freedom.

"It profits a man nothing....."

If you have any doubt about how toxic Donald Trump is and will continue to be for conservatism in general, just consider what he's already done to compromise and co-opt social conservatism, rendering it diluted divided, prostituted, and irrelevant.

Props to the author for one of the finest paragraphs on the subject on Donald Trump yet, a paragraph that speaks for me, as well,  in every detail.

Well, actually a paragraph and a sentence:

Barring some earth-shaking change of events that involves Saint Michael and the Four Horsemen, I’m not voting for president this year. I do my best not to cooperate with evil and evil is all that is on the top ballot spot for both major political parties. The extant third parties are so loonie that I’ll not cast a vote an inadvertently be responsible for giving them permanent ballot access. In a year that should have been a triumph for conservatives of all stripes, a year in which we filled the primaries with some of the most qualified, thoughtful, …

From the producers of "The Producers.."

What happens when two down-on-their-luck political consultants decide to make a killing by running a certain loser for president- the biggest buffoon they can find, somebody whose every utterance is either incoherent or ridiculous? Somebody utterly without qualifications or redeeming social value of any kind?

Boy, are THEY in for a surprise!

Sonuvagun. SCOTUS actually got one right! And without Scalia!

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Little Sisters of the Poor don't have to violate their religious beliefs by paying for birth control that results in abortion. The decision was unanimous.

The Court ordered the Obama administration to find a way to accommodate the order's religious objections "while still ensuring that the affected women receive contraceptive coverage seamlessly."

While that sounds to me perilously close to absurdly finding a constitutional right to have one's employer pay for birth control, the fact remains that the ruling- and in particular its unanimous character- represents a major victory for the First Amendment and a major defeat for the Obama administration's war on religion.

For which, huzzah.

The numbers say that a conservative third party could actually win

Here's an intriguing article by Josiah Peterson at The Federalist on how a conservative third party candidate could actually win the presidency.

Yes, that's what I said. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be the most unpopular pair of nominees in recent history. Republican donors are staying away from Trump in droves. And the guy Peterson mentions most prominently as the presidential candidate- former Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn- is a guy I'd support with time and enthusiasm and what money I could spare.

But the new party is going to have to make its move quickly.  The filing date for Texas has already passed (though there seems to be a consensus that a legal challenge to get a new party on the ballot there would probably be successful) and the deadlines for several other large states are approaching in early June. Mark Cuban has already turned town Mitt Romney's attempt to recruit him to run, saying that while it "would have been fun," it's too late.


Nebraska GOP out to intimidate Sasse into silence

Sen. Ben Sasse has had the patriotism and the courage to push for a third party candidacy to give decent folks a choice other than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. For this, the Nebraska Republican party is on the verge of censuring him. The movement is being pushed by the family of the person Sen. Deb Fischer, whose brother was an aide to the man Sen. Sasse defeated in the primary for the seat he now holds.

The resolution uses the naive excuse that a third party candidacy would ensure the election of Hillary Clinton- already a certainty- and thus result in liberals being appointed to the Supreme Court. This is nonsense since Trump has displayed neither an understanding or appreciation for basic concepts of conservative jurisprudence like original intent, and in fact holds up his own sister- a radical, pro-choice judge- as his example of the kind of justice he'd like to appoint. Further, Trump's nomination virtually guarantees that the Republicans will lose the Senate, makin…

Eisegeting Romans 1

Pr. Donavan Riley presents us with Preston Sprinkle's examination  four ways liberal churches try to get around what the New Testament says about homosexual behavior here, and here, and here, and here.

Worth reading no matter which side of what I see as a kind of bogus debate you're on. If you want the Bible not to teach what it clearly teaches about anything- and the Bible's teaching about homosexuality is completely consistent in every stratum of both Testaments- then it's always possible to torture the text to the point where it screams what you want it to say.

It's called "eisegesis." Studying the text on its own terms, in order to get what it intends to say out o it rather than to impose what you want it to say upon it is called "exegesis." Honest Bible scholars- and interpreters of any kind- prefer the latter.

Another neo-fascist heard from

"Never tried to hide the fact that I prefer a right-wing dictatorship to a democratically elected left-wing government."

The person who wrote this and whose Twitter page I linked to above  was responding to my criticism of a picture of Ben Shapiro dangling from a noose, and my comment that it's no wonder people think TrumpSheep are fascists.

Between honest fascists like this guy and the ones who post pictures of Ben Shapiro in a concentration camp outfit charming memes like the one at the left, it's amazing that more well-intentioned Americans don't realize what they're voting for when they vote for Donald Trump.

You may recall the study which showed that there was only one candidate in either party for whom support could be reliably predicted on the basis of a personality characteristic. The characteristic was authoritarianism, and the candidate is Donald Trump. And the authoritarians and neo-fascists who support The Donald are quite open about who and what t…

On average, Trump tells a lie every five minutes

A study of Donald Trump's speeches reveals that he utters one "misstatement" (otherwise known as a lie) every five minutes.

That's pretty good even for a politician. And this con artist is the guy all those "angry" Republicans voted for in the primaries to talk straight to them?

In Trump's case, the old saw is pretty much literally true: you can tell when he's lying by whether his lips are moving!

I fully expect Hillary to move far into the lead and stay there as more and more about Trump is made known by the Democratic attack squad. But Ben Shapiro suggests that the race is as close as it is right now because "pathological lying narcissists have a tough time fighting over the high moral ground."