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Pants on fire, Snopes.

It's a favorite trick of the social Left to label as a bigot anyone who has moral reservations about homosexual behavior. Not those who are prejudiced against people of homosexual orientation, mind you.People whose personal values cause them, in the abstract, to disapprove of the  behavior.

One cannot be prejudiced against a behavior. One may certainly be prejudiced against the people who engage in it, and no rational person would maintain that insults or slander against gay people is either reasonable or itself decent behavior. It is certainly not civil behavior. But to ethically disapprove of any sexual practice is merely a matter of personal values.  As an opinion, it may be unpopular. It may be quirky. But it cannot be fairly called prejudice or equated with bigotry against a race or an ethnic group or a religion or even people of homosexual orientation. Leaving aside the violence done to the First Amendment by legally restricting even actually bigotted speech-  the impossibil…

Wow. Just... wow.

I just called Google AdWords- whatever that is- to inquire about Google's refusal to accept advertising from or other faith-based accounts. I was told that if I didn't personally have an advertising account with Google, they couldn't help me.

Fine, I said. Then who should I be talking to, and how do I reach them?

"This number is for paid advertisers," I was told. "Anything else would have to go through"

That's the first place I went, There seems to be no way to actually contact Google through

"I don't know anything about that," said the man on the other end of the line, whose name, I think, was Mike. "But if you're not calling about paid advertising, it has nothing to do with this department. Have a nice day."

And he hung up on me.

Counting to ten.....

So it seems that there is no way to express one's concern about Google's policies, and those who try are treated di…

Is this blog going to have to move? How about it, Google?

I can't fault Google Ads for treating Breitbart, World News Daily, and a bunch of other marginal, far-Right propaganda machines as "fake news sites," because that's exactly what they are. But now they've gone much too far, and I may no longer be able in conscience to use Google's services because of it.

The Federalist- a very credible conservative magazine- tells us that the publishing arm of my own Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, Concordia Publishing House, will no longer be allowed to advertise on Google Ads because of "the faith we express."

But now, it seems that things have gone further. The website for CPH reports that Google Ads is now rejecting ALL faith-based advertising. Religious discrimination of this magnitude is simply intolerable.

I am waiting until Google has had a chance to reconsider. But if this stands, despite the huge hit this and my other blog will take from doing so, I will move to Wordpress. I will stop using Gmail and do my …

To this native Illinoisan, it only seems fair

I see where New York's crazy left governor, Andrew Cuomo, is restoring voting rights to some 35,000 paroled felons by executive order.

I think it would be more appropriate to wait until after their paroles expired and their debt to society was completely off the books, but I'm not going to say that in principle restoring voting rights is wrong. But I do note that convicted felons are a heavily Democratic voting block- seriously- though that may change if the current administration in Washington remains in power long enough. So it may be a slick political move for Mario's kid.

Hey- why not? My home state, Illinois has pioneered advances in this area. Their former governors make their license plates!

It only seems fair that felons finally get their cut of the patronage pie. The role past and future felons have played in the history not only of Illinois and New York but of the nation richly deserves to be acknowledged.  What would the political history of either state- or ma…

Putin the breaks on new sanctions

Ambassador Nikki Haley announces new sanctions against Russia due to Putin's support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's use of chemical weapons against his own people.

Russia denounces the move as "economic raiding."

And Trump backs down. Or does he? Maybe he's just confused. Supposedly he is unhappy with the fact that the announcement was made because he isn't "comfortable" with it yet.

Missiles, he's comfortable with. Economic sanctions, no. And if members of his administration- apparently including our very fine ambassador to the U.N.- announce a policy before he's committed to it, it seems hard to escape the point that he apparently isn't running his administration very well.

So what's doing on? Have the grown-ups in the administration gotten out of hand? One can only hope.

Graphic by Donkey Hotey


I am not a fan of my own generation. The Baby Boomers were the laziest, most self-indulgent, unjustifiably self-impressed and self-righteous, and spoiled generation in the history of the human race. I do not like to make fun of the millennials, not least because my own generation is ultimately to blame not only for their deficiencies and problems but for those of all the generations in between.

The Baby Boomers may well be the curse which dooms the human race.

But this is bad. Really bad. It's not their fault, but the Millenials are without question the most ignorant generation our nation has ever produced. Their ignorance has largely driven the maladaptive social changes of our time, and the inability of the American people to deal rationally with the problems which face us.  They were not the people who gave us Donald Trump. They are, however, the people who virtually guarantee that Donald Trump and the ignorance of the befuddled, gullible, and ignorant people who made him pres…

Yes, 'progressives.' The First Amendment protects 'hate speech.'

This Babylon Bee item is right on target.

As an American with some appreciation for the tradition of free speech, it's hard for me to understand how Canadians and Europeans can fail to get the point that no society in which the most absolutely despicable and vile viewpoint is not free to express itself can truly be said to have free speech. Those who claim to be "tolerant of everything but intolerance" miss the point that somebody has to define "tolerance," and that my definition would probably be somewhat different from that of the average social justice warrior. As a practical matter, then, if we accept the premise that all speech but intolerant speech should be free, whoever is in power decides whose speech gets to be free and whose does not.

If speech is not absolutely free (with due allowance, of course, for civil action in cases of slander, libel, or the circumstances long established in American constitutional law in which a clear and present danger of a…

Bonhoeffer and the 'Cuomo dodge'

Today is the 73rd anniversary of the martyrdom of Lutheran theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer by the Nazis at Flossenberg concentration camp.

Bonhoeffer's opposition to Nazi euthanasia was one of the earliest points upon which he ran afoul of Hitler's regime, and it is hardly a mere illustration of Godwin's Law to point out that even the arguments the Nazis used in favor of euthanasia and abortion were often virtually identical to the arguments used today.  Bonhoeffer's best-known statement on the subject of abortion cuts right to the heart of the matter and brushes aside some common and rather smelly red herrings:

Destruction of the embryo in the mother’s womb is a violation of the right to live which God has bestowed upon this nascent life. To raise the question whether we are here concerned already with a human being or not is merely to confuse the issue. The simple fact is that God certainly intended to create a human being and that this nascent human being has been d…

Snake oil doesn't actually cure anything.

It's started.  The Chinese have retaliated for the Trump administration's steel and aluminum tariffs with tariffs of their own on American food products. Pork producers here in Iowa and elsewhere expect to be hit especially hard.

In fairness to the president, the Chinese tariffs are only half as big as his, and the Chinese emphasized that this was simply a matter of economic self-defense and is deliberately limited so as to avoid escalating things. This is not a trade war- yet. But those with the most to lose are nervous. The Dow has tanked. The stock market has had its worst start to the second-quarter since the Great Depression. 

But it does illustrate something history clearly teaches us. Well, most of us; Mr. Trump and his supporters apparently cut class that day. But protectionism is a loser as an economic policy. One does not put tariffs on another country's exports or otherwise impose artificial obstacles to its commerce without inviting retaliation.

The path Mr. T…

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is right.

Don't panic, Cub fans.

I, too, am nervous about the eerily familiar sensation in the pits of our stomachs right now. It really does feel like last year, doesn't it?

Actually, last year wasn't the first time I've felt this. That would be the second half of 1969, You can make a case that the Baltimore Orioles that year might possibly be a little better personnel-wise than the Cubs, but nobody else was close. Yet...well, you know what happened. They played like a last-place Little League team and an underrated but still far inferior Mets club ended up winning it all, even beating the Orioles in the World Series.

I've gone on rants before about there being a reason why they play such a long season in baseball as compared to other sports. As the cliche goes, every team in baseball wins a third of their games, and every team in baseball loses a third of their games. What separates the 1927 Yankees from the original Mets is what they do in the remaining third.

There is n…