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When we put the Lord to the test, we fail

Early Obama backer Davis quits Democratic party

For the Obama campaign, is the best defense a pathetic offense? And who is he offending today?

Three from Rasmussen

Feminist? That's a laugh!

Vets favor Romney by big margin; Obama holds one-point lead in Rasmussen tracking poll


In memory of the fallen- and of those who didn't fall

Dragon docks with the ISS

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The Kings make the Blackhawks look bad

Try again, Mr. President

Obama retains one-point lead; thoughts on that "third party" stat

NC Baptist "pastor" volunteers for natural deselection

Does Iowa Republican platform committee know how to read?

Gay "marriage" stance deals POTUS a huge blow in Florida

Today's Rasmussen presidental tracking poll

Manny Pacquiao to the Gulag!

Same-sex "marriage" is not about same-sex "marriage"

This is history. MAJOR history.

Obama clings to narrow lead in Rasmussen tracking poll

A fundamental problem with contemporary journalistic terminology

Will Winslow be a Bear?

The NAACP tragedy

In Des Moines, a nice partial eclipse. Main event: August, 2017!

More evidence for Jonah Goldberg's hypothesis

Obama's lead opens up to three points

Dershowicz: Drop murder charges in Trayvon Martin case

Get ready for today's 'Ring of Fire' eclipse

Obama retains lead- but his philosophy takes a hit

Obama takes one-point lead

Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll for 5/18/12

It's about behavior, not orientation

Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll for 5/17/2012

Israel, U.S. ready strike on Iran- but it will be Israel that takes it

Romney's lead narrows

Rasmussen daily presidential tracking poll for 5/12/12

Today's Rasmussen tracking poll

Coach Q staying- and unless Stan Bowman gets his head together, he needs to go!

The same standard should apply to both Romney's and Obama's high school records

Is the election going to be a Romney landslide?

Lugar's defeat is a defeat for America

Obama comes out of the closet on gay "marriage"


Joe Biden strikes again

For what it's worth, Rasmussen has Romney up by five points

Europe Obamas. Will America?

What if they gave a campaign kickoff, and nobody came?

What sucks more than the Cubs?

Al Quaeda: CBS and Olberman good, ABC okay, Fox News bad

Dark Shadows on-the-air mishaps, or The Show Without Out-takes

A great moment in horse racing

Obama-Biden campaign slogan

Submission accomplished