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Rapid response

I think we just won this thing.

Take it to the bank

Not funny

Rather biased

Islamic Europe?

Let's just get this one thing clear...

One question

Kerry's 'facts' just don't add up

Lynne is a comedian

The Anti-American party?

Makes you wonder

Wictory Wednesday, September 29

Expos to Washington

Well, they went and did it.

After the Protestant Ulster vote, no doubt.

A real shame

Dubyah's lookin' good!

Sorry, Cokie!

The Faith in a nutshell

'Nuff said.

A 50/50 country?

How to fight terror

A badge of honor


Fahrenheit barely above freezing


The real parallel

Interesting comment from Rather's boss

Sour Ketchup

From the guy who knows

Advice for Le Senatuer Kerry

The first debate

Allies Uber Alles

Inside the Beltway - The Washington Times: Inside the Beltway - September 24, 2004

Is John Kerry an ET?

"Loose cannons"

'W' is, indeed, for "Women"

Beginning of the end?

Wictory Wednesday, September 22

Karl Rove must be smiling

When thieves accuse their victims of stealing

GALLUP Poll Shows Bush Leading Kerry in Iowa


Dan Rather gives up

Kofi, anyone?

All he needs is the tank

A Penny fo r John's thoughts


Fascism is uncool

Forgery from inside Kerry campaign?

Blaming the victim in Florida 2000

"IhopeIhopeIhopeIhopeIhope" --Al Hunt


Cohen on the Bush haters

Bush solidifying lead in battleground states

Nomenclature notice

May I have a Perrier and bratwurst?

Poor Democrats!

To be blunt...

A fatal mistake

Poor guy!

CNN's Leftward Slant

Kerry vs. Kerry on Iraq

Safire on Rather's Folly

Giving 'em Zell

Denial isn't just a river in Egypt

Good summary on Memogate

Hang it up, Dan

"Forged as hell"

Tsk, tsk, Mr. Rather

The Dems' real problem

From Right Voices

Yet more evidence on the phony National Guard memos

Not lookin' good for the Danmeister!


The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: Reign of Terror

One thousand casualties

Can't this joker give it up?

More nonsense from north of the border

Blankley sees 'disarray'

What will probably happen on Nov. 2?


Wictory Wednesday, September 8

One more time. Very, very slowly...

He can't help himself!

The campaign in a nutshell

Not a "fifty-fifty nation" after all?

You're not going to believe this!

The GOP: Party of the Little Guy

Advice from Bill

"He who frames the issues tends to win the election"

Bush's real advantage is Kerry

Joe doesn't get it

Kerry on the decline

Thoughts and prayers, but no boos

A blowout in the making?

Bush's average lead over six points!

"Midnight Meltdown"

Kerry's Senate record off limits?

Zogby: Bush leads

Try again, John

John Kerry: The breakfast candidate?

Democratic Party, meet the Democratic Party

You know a man by his friends

Bush Gets Endorsement of NYC Firefighters


Let's hear it for Laura

The numbers tell quite a story

Wictory Wednesday, September 1