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I think we just won this thing.

Didn't anybody tell John Kerry to look into the camera? Besides not (in my admittedly biased opinion) getting the better of the argument tonight, I wonder how many undecided voters got the feeling he wasn't looking them in the eye.

I think Al Gore was doing a lot of sighing tonight.

I also think we may have just won this election.

Wictory Wednesday, September 29

Only a handful of Wictory Wednesdays left!

With the first debate coming up tomorrow night and the campaign heading into the final stretch, now is the time to help the President! Volunteer here!

We Bloggers for Bush are also making an appeal today for our Republican Senatorial candidate from Alaska, Lisa Murkowski.Donate to Lisa's campaign here!

The Wictory Wednesday Blogroll can be found here.

Expos to Washington

Well, it's official: as of next season, the Montreal Expos will be the Washington...

Nationals? Senators? Mayor Anthony Williams says no, since Washington doesn't have representation in the Senate.

Lobbyists? Bureaucrats? Elitists? Obstructionists? Windbags? In view of the name of the Washington football team, perhaps we could find a derogatory nickname for some other minority (just kidding, folks).

One good thing: since they're a National League team, my Cubs will be coming to town! And with my American League team, the Orioles (chosen in high school so that I could have one winning team to root for) just up the road in Baltimore, Northern Virginia is looking like alot more attractive place to live, at least during the baseball season!

After the Protestant Ulster vote, no doubt.

Believe it or not, but having turned first this way and then the other on issue after issue, now John Kerry has turned orange.

An homage to Halloween? I must confess, he does make a pretty frightening jack o' lantern!

A real shame

Years ago, toward the tail end of my lengthly collegiate career, I was a staunch backer of former President Jimmy Carter- who, in all fairness, was, after all, the last pro-life candidate for President the Democrats have ever seriously considered.

But as much as I have admired Mr. Carter in the past, his antics during the current presidency have left me not only disappointed in him, but deeply ashamed of a man who was once a hero of mine.

The New York Post tells the sad and sorry story of an idealist gone completely around the bend.

Wictory Wednesday, September 22

It's Wictory Wednesday again... time to contemplate the importance of what's going to happen on November 2. Whoever is the next president will probably appoint enough Supreme Court justices to effectively determine the direction things will go on issues like same-sex "marriage" and Roe v. Wade. America's continued sovereignty in foreign policy is on the line, as is the effective prosecution of the War on Terror.

We're ahead, but the Democratic hate machine will be hard at work in the coming months. The result is by no means a foregone conclusion. Now is the time to put forth our best effort to put John Kerry away, and ensure another four years of strong, principled leadership in the White House.

Volunteer now...and check out the Blogs for Bush Wictory Wednesday Blogroll!

Poor guy!

Al Gore is wigging out again.

I said when he threw his first public hissy fit that it was a shame to see a public servant with a distinguished record, who had come within an eyelash of the presidency, destroy himself in public- even if his supporters did try to cheat their way into erasing that eyelash through that crooked Florida recount. But there's something even sadder about the way the man continues, having forfeited all personal credibility, to make a public spectacle of his bile and resentment.

This man could have been the Democratic nominee for a second time in 2008. Now, nobody will ever take him seriously again.

CNN's Leftward Slant

"There is no liberal FOX News!," a liberal journalist lamented when trying to explain away the impact of the Swift Vote Veterans' commercials.

But in fact, of course, there are several of them. CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN come to mind.

Not lookin' good for the Danmeister!


It's worth mentioning the flap over the documents produced by CBS News allegedly throwing doubt on President Bush's National Guard record.

Physical characteristics of the documents suggest that they may have been produced by a modern word processer rather than by a Vietnam-era typewriter.

CBS News responds- accurately- that some typewriters of the era did, indeed, have the capability to produce the characteristics in question. The question remains, however, in view of the rarity of such typewriters at the time, of how likely it is that the documents were produced by one of them.

The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: Reign of Terror

With the exception of the intellectually dishonest dig at President Bush in the last paragraph (Kristoff surely has heard of Col. Calhoun, Sgt. Copeland, and the other members of the Alabama National Guard who came forward last winter to answer Col. Mintz's question about with whom Mr. Bush served in Alabama months before it was even asked by saying that he served with them), this is a very fine article on the genocide in Sudan- and the UN's ineffectuality in dealing with it.

You know. Kind of like its ineffectuality in dealing with every other international crisis that arises.

One thousand casualties

Right Wing News has a piece that puts our passing of the one thousand casualties mark in the war to liberate Iraq into historical perspective. It does that by comparing our casualties in Iraq to those in other wars- and even points out that we lost over twice as many people at Pearl Harbor as we have lost in this entire war.

This is not to minimize the tragedy of a single death. But it is a useful counterbalance to the Leftist and media hysteria.

Can't this joker give it up?

Terry McAullife is at it again with the National Guard slander.

Go here for the facts- which McAullife insists on continuing to ignore as he repeats this lie over and over and over.

Meanwhile, a Democrat who apparently didn't know Mr. Bush when they both served at the same base in Alabama is going to appear on a new 527 ad asking the President to "tell us who you served with." Apparently he didn't know Col. Calhoun, Sgt. Copeland, or the others who have already come forward to share their memories of having served with Mr. Bush there, either.

More nonsense from north of the border

Canada's silly segment- the fortunately small percentage of its population that is so jealous of the United States that it can't think straight- are perpetrating a new absurdity: a memorial to Vietnam-era draft dodgers who, lacking the courage of their convictions, copped out and ran to Canada rather than go to jail for their beliefs.

Hat-tip to Truthful News.

Wictory Wednesday, September 8

It's Wictory Wednesday again!

President Bush is in good shape. Even the liberal media can't conceal that. He probably has a lead of six or seven points in the popular count, and is ahead in the Electoral College as well.

But the election is far from won. Bounces fade, and this will likely still be close election. Every bit of help the President can get, he needs

Volunteer now!

You can find the Wictory Wednesday blogroll here..

One more time. Very, very slowly...

For the benefit of whatever Democrats, Left Wingers, and reporters who honestly don't know (because they only read things which confirm there own biases), here is the definitive story about George Bush's National Guard service.

There are quite a few surprises here, for those actually interested in the facts.

Hat tip to Ipse Dixit (what a great name for a blog!) andBetsy's Page.

Well, not quite definitive. As Dodd of Ipse Dixit points out, the article doesn't mention the second pilot who came forward to say that he remembered serving with Mr. Bush during the period when the slanders say he was missing.

He can't help himself!

It seems that John Kerry just can't help himself.

Perhaps the surest sign that the Kerry campaign is coming unraveled is that the candidate- already perceived as an inconsistent, fickle flip-flopper, now claims that the war in Iraq was "the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Trouble is, a week ago he said that if he had it to do over again, knowing what he knows now, he'd vote to authorize the use of force in Iraq all over again.

Kerry wants to have it both ways. It's long since become a pattern, sort of like Al Gore's self-aggrandizing exaggerations four years ago. But it only reinforces Kerry's image as a wishy-washy vacillator- and this at the very point in the campaign where he can't afford to add to a growing perception that he's a political lightweight who simply doesn't stack up very well as a leader next to President Bush.

Kerry is playing directly into Bush's hands. President Bush is taking swift advantage. And the n…

The campaign in a nutshell

Real Clear Politics sums up the campaign nicely:

Bush: "After 9/11 national security is a paramount concern to our republic.We must take the fight to the terrorists where they are and not wait to be forced to fight them at home."

Kerry: "I served two tours of duty in Vietnam."

Cheney: "Senator Kerry's 20-year voting record shows poor national security judgment."

Kerry: "Stop questioning my patriotism."

Ain't gonna work, John.

Advice from Bill

Matt Drudge reports that former President Bill Clinton has advised M. Kerry to stop talking about Vietnam and focus instead on the issues Democrats delude themselves into thinking will win for them: health care and the economy.

Seen those job creation numbers recently, Bill?

As far as it goes, the advice to stop talking about Vietnam is good; Bob Dole gave Kerry the same advice a while back. As Dole pointed out, everybody knows that Kerry was in Vietnam. The trouble with trying to make it the centerpiece of the Kerry campaign, though, is twofold: first, it really isn't an effective response to the simple recitation of Kerry's sad and sorry record in the Senate on defense and national security issues. And besides- mention "Vietnam" and "John Kerry" in the same breath, and anybody who is up to speed thinks "war hero" only after thinking of the testimony Kerry gave to that congressional committee repeating before all the world the slanders about Amer…

Joe doesn't get it

Poor Joe Klein just doesn't get it.

Kerry's only hope is to get nasty? Repeating the National Guard AWOL myth months after Bush's fellow Alabama Guardsmen came forward to share memories of his service during the time he was supposed to be missing isn't nasty? Responding to the President's falling off his bicycle with a crack about training wheels wasn't nasty? An entire campaign full of slander, personal attacks and outright falsehoods about one's opponent isn't nasty?

The past four years of Democratic rhetoric hasn't been nasty?

In the last analysis, a record of having voted against just about every major weapons system the country has deployed over the past twenty years and a hopelessly weak record on funding just about every aspect of national defense and intelligence during the same period can't be offset by simply trumpeting, "But I served in Vietnam, and they didn't!" Nor can the Kerry campaign be rescued by descending furthe…

Thoughts and prayers, but no boos

Pardon My English is exactly right: all of our thoughts and prayers are with Former President Bill Clinton on the eve of his surgery, whatever we think of him personally or politically.

A Democratic friend the other day told me that when President Bush told the crowd he was addressing that Clinton was facing surgery and that his prayers were with him, the crowd booed- and that the President "did nothing to stop them." As Pardon my English points out, that's pure spin. The account of the incident by Yahoo News tells a somewhat different story- and Pardon My English includes a link to the sound file.

Judge for yourself.

Kerry's Senate record off limits?

David Limbaugh has a point. What does it say about a candidate when his supporters (and his henchmen in the media) maintain that it's mean and nasty and angry simply to discuss his voting record in the Senate?

If Kerry's record ever becomes widely known to the electorate, he's done- and he knows it. That's why he automatically starts whining about people questioning his patriotism and then starts talking about whether or not his opponents served in Vietnam like he did whenever it is simply pointed out that Kerry has opposed virtually every major weapons system that has come before the Senate during his time there, and has consistently voted- doubtless out of misguided conviction and full of misapplied patriotism- to undermine the United States in the realms of both intelligence and of military preparedness.

Zell Miller put it well when he said in so many words that it's not Kerry's patriotism that needs challenging, but his judgment. And Dick Cheney did, too, …

Zogby: Bush leads

Democratic pollster John Zogby, who has maintained all year that this election is John Kerry's to lose, reports that President Bush has run up a two-point lead over John Kerry during the Republican National Convention, which concluded yesterday.

It will be interesting to see Zogby's next poll, which will be in better shape to measure the impace of the Zell Miller and Dick Cheney speeches, as well as that of the President.

Zogby, a pro-life Democrat, has consistently been the pollster who, in recent Presidential elections, has come closest in his final poll to the actual outcome.

Try again, John

"I'm not going to have my commitment to defend this country questioned by those who refused to serve when they could have and by those who have misled the nation into Iraq," John Kerry just said.

Yes, you are, Senator. And by everybody else who can read your record, too! Though the President and the Vice-President no more "misled the nation into Iraq" than you, yourself, did when you made your public statements supporting the idea on the basis of the same information they had.

John Kerry: The breakfast candidate?

Will President Bush have John Kerry for breakfast? Kerry, after all, is in a real jam right now, poll-wise. He's been all about waffles for almost a year now- and after this Republican convention, he may well be toast!

Certainly if Kerry's planned response tonight is any indication, toast is exactly what he is. About half an hour from the time I'm writing this- midnight Eastern Time, just before the Five Minutes' Hate- the Senator from France will reportedly give a speech in Springfield, Ohio in which he will totally ignore what was actually said Thursday night, and accuse Vice-President Dick Cheney of calling him- Kerry- "unfit to be Commander-in-Chief." In fact, Cheney never used the word "unfit-" though Democrats have been ascribing it to him all day.

Kerry will also reportedly take a step further, and imply that it was in the area of patriotism that Cheney and Sen. Zell Miller (D-Ga) found the Democratic nominee...well, wanting. In fact, neither…


(NOTE: AP has changed the title of this article, apparently recognizing the irony alluded to below. The original title was MILLER, CHENEY VENT GOP RAGE AT JOHN KERRY.

A little transparent in the spin department, nicht wahr?)

I love the title of the article this links to. The irony is nearly as amusing as the thought of how Democrats in the audience must have been squirming as they watched first Zell Miller and then Dick Cheney call John Kerry to account for twenty years of voting to weaken America!

Wictory Wednesday, September 1

It's Wictory Wednesday, and it's a good day to be a Bush supporter! The President leads- though narrowly- in most polls, and most assessments of the Electoral Vote conclude that, if the election were held today, he would win. He should get a modest bounce from the convention, and the debates may well prove John Kerry's undoing; he'll alienate people, while Mr. Bush reassures them. In short, things are looking up as they haven't been for a long time.

Now is the time to do your part to assure victory in this, the most critical election of our lifetimes. While it's too late to contribute to the President's campaign as such, the President's committee to assure compliance with campaign election laws can receive donations- and every dime contributed there won't have to come out of the campaign coffers. Contributions to the Conpliance Fund can be made here.

Volunteers, of course, will be needed right up through the election. This is the best-organized Repub…