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St. Robert Barnes, Martyr

He's BAA--aack!

I missed this commercial during the playoffs...

'Kings' ends its all-too-brief reign

'Birther' whack-jobs need to get a life

It was true then. It's still true now.

Obama invites Gates, cop over for a beer

Good for you, Mr. President

Obama: "Victory" isn't necessarily our aim


As most of you know, I like classical music

Now, if Bush had pulled this...

Learning the lesson of Apollo

Not heroes, my gluteus maximus

Believe it or not, this commercial was banned in Denmark

Walter Cronkite: a man who tried to be objective

And most of the time, that was the way it was. Or pretty darned close.

OK, it's just a cat. But that's not the point.

Quoth Joe Biden

Take THAT, Detroit!

Tell me that this is tongue in cheek...

Reggie Fleming is dead at 73


Hello, Dali

This should make all Americans sick

Unclear on the concept

Now it can be revealed....

Giving the Eighth Commandment its due

A little dated now. But even so...

Sarah Palin and the Chicago Way

The MSM just isn't listening

The exterior of Saint Mary, via Google Maps

Finally, a national news magazine faces the truth about marriage

Biden accepts responsibility for the economy, admits Obama misread how bad things were.

LCMS to close one- or both- of its seminaries?

Biden sticks his foot in it again

Happy birthday to the greatest nation on Earth

Happy birthday to the land I love

The glorious beauty of those clunky German hymns

Iranians may try British embassy staff

The Wings continue to hemorrhage...

Palin quits

Shouldn't a stimulus, like... stimulate?

Time to end 'No fault divorce'

Most Americans now oppose Sotomayor's confirmation

Hawks steal Hossa and Kopecky from Detroit!