ABC: Bin Laden and Saddam aides discussed 'operational partnership'

Speaking of those captured tapes and documents, it's to the credit of ABC News that it is reporting the release of five captured documents throwing significant light on issues surrounding the origin of the Iraq war and relations between Saddam Hussein's regime and al Quaeda- including an account of a meeting between Osama bin Laden and emissaries from Saddam to discuss an "operational partnership" against "foreign forces" in Saudi Arabia.

The meeting, according to the documents, was personally approved by Saddam.

The documents also discuss measures to deceive Hans Blix and his UN inspectors, who were searching for Saddam's weapons of mass destruction despite the requirement of seventeen UN Security Council resolutions and the truce ending the first Gulf War that Saddam to destroy the WMD under their supervision.

Also discussed are Saddam's awareness of, and interest in, an al Quaeda presence in Iraq, French campaign laws (several French politicians have been implicated in the "Oil for Food" scandal), and what the Iraqis knew about bin Laden's relationship with the Taliban.

The documents themselves can be viewed here.

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