Good grief!

I haven't heard the term "nuclear madness!!!" since the silly days during the Reagan administration when the moonbats were trying to convince everybody that Republicans thought that thermonuclear war might be a good idea!

Now they're trying to convince everybody that Dubya is seriously considering a tactical nuclear strike against Iran- because they themselves suggested it, and because the President- wisely- has declined to rule out any of his "options" in trying to deal with a fanatical regime not given to restraint or common sense!

In reality, of course, President Bush is no more considering a nuclear strike against Iran than he is considering skinny dipping in the Tidal Basin at high noon! But there is no bizarre accusation too macabre for the lunatic Left.

Nothing new about that, of course. We learned it all too well during the "madness!!!" of the 'Eighties!

No lie is too absurd, and no slander too vile, for the opponents of this President. But of course, we've long since learned that, too.

Note the incredible language: " the planned use of nuclear weapons against Iran!" Katrina Vanden Heuvel, the author of this bizarre article, has truly given malicious paranoia a new definition!

HT: Real Clear Politics


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