Opening Day, 2006

On, Cubs! Your season starts today!
Defeat is in the past;
Let Sox fans gloat as gloat they may;
Our turn has come at last!

On, Cubs! Your season starts today;
Up! Let your loins be girt!
Beware, O foe! This year we play,
Instead of getting hurt!

With Wood and Prior coming back,
Our staff will have no peer.
What Sox fans boast, and Cub fans lack,
Can be all ours this year!

Zambrano, Maddux- what a staff!
A strong new bullpen, too!
Let no free swing or fielding gaffe
Again their cause undo!

We've Aramis, and Derrek Lee-
Stout All-Star sluggers, they-
Who'll mow 'em down, from 5 to 3;
On, boys! This is your day!

Young Murton and Cedeno, too,
Excel with bat and mitt;
Jones is an upgrade,Todd will do-
And Barrett... well, can hit!

Our bench is strong; our skipper, true;
Come, raise a mighty cheer!
This is the year the Men in Blue
Won't have to say, "Next year!"

On heros now our hopes depend.
Farewell to loss and pain!
On, boys! The time has come to end
The Cardinals' evil reign!


diane said…
Cubs? Prior and Wood are injured again aren't they?
Webcritter said…
Bears 16, Bengals 7.

Er, no!

Cubs 16, Reds 7.

Bob Waters said…
Wood and Prior are both expected back in May.

Their being Wood and Prior is, admittedly, a prerequisite for the Cubs being what, by right, the should be: champions of the NL Central, and the world.

No team with a rotation that includes a healthy Prior, Wood, Zambrano, and Maddux should, by rights, be anything less.

And by the way, those two point conversions were a nice touch, weren't they? ;)
Anonymous said…
I love this poem! Where did you get this? Did you write it?
I know you already acknowledged receipt, Bob, but I'm still happy to tell you that this post won an Aardie. Congratulations on a job well done.
Bob Waters said…
Danke, Herr Pfarrer.

BTW, have you been watching Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital on the Sci-Fi channel? One of the stars is a talking supernatural aardvark.

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