Scenes from a silent tube

Stopped by TGIFriday's for a coupla Guinnii this afternoon. The TV was tuned to CNN, soto voce.

Highlights (or lowlights): Email poll on "what you would do to turn things around for the White House" (open invitation for any moonbat with a wisecrack to make); Lou Dobbs referring to "President Bush's so-called immigration reform bill;" horrific data from April, the month in which we "lost more soldiers in Iraq than in any month since January!" (has there ever been a war in America's history in which casualties have either been so light, or so lovingly dwelt upon on an almost individual basis by the media?).

A session (to be fair, including rebuttal by Bill Bennett) on why it's OK for serving CIA officers to betray their oaths and reveal classified information to the media, since every administration leaks information intentionally on occasion.

That and a long period spent dwelling on the President's current low approval rating (I wonder why?).

A truly remarkable amount of media bias for so short a time. And just think: the sound wasn't even on!