Reuters pulls doctored photo

Reuters, like Dan Rather before it, has been busted by the blogosphere.

The wire service has pulled a the doctored photo of Beirut to the left, which shows the devastating effects of a Photoshop attack on the city.

Though in fairness, the article linked to above is wrong in one respect: Reuters did not confess to having intentionally altered the picture!

ADDENDUM: In fact, Reuters has pulled all its pictures by this particular Lebanese photographer- who seems to have a penchant for- ahem- augmenting his work.

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Thanks for holding the MSM's collective feet to the fire. Yours was the first blog I found that mentioned this (although certainly not the last). The Golden Aardvark Aaward is yours for diagnosing a severe case of Reuters' cramp.
Bob Waters said…
Wow! Two in one day! My trophy case runneth over!

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