Well, there's a new Iowa poll out: the Reuters-Zogby, which shows Mike Huckabee with a two point lead over Mitt Romney.

Since the most recent poll has Huckabee leading- and since Romney's newly-minted RCP average lead (owing to at a poll with yet another pro-Romney result so out of step with the others to be suspect) has shrunken overnight to .04%- I guess we must be witnessing a Romney implosion.

Or at least that's the conclusion one reaches if one uses the logic pro-Romney folks have been using over and over and over during the past two weeks to demonstrate that a "Huckabust" was underway ("Yes! Huckabee is imploding!...uh, ok, NOW. Now Huckabee is imploding... well, OK. Now. Now for sure....")

Have to congratulate them on one thing, though. Just before this most recent poll- the one that shows Huckabee in the lead- the Romney folks finally managed, after two weeks of proclaiming that their candidate had recovered and that Mike Huckabee was history- for the first time since early December have actually been able to cite two consecutive Iowa polls showing Romney in the lead!

With tne latest poll, of course, the streak is over. Worse, the Huckabee lead is one point bigger than that shown by the Reuters-Zogby poll of the day before.

That poll was, for some reason, not included in the RCP average- and seems, however tentatively, to suggest a trend toward Huck.


LiveIt said…
I think Huck is recovering and Romney is going weak as people realize that Romney's attacks misrepresent the facts.

CNN today is reporting:
"Romney attack ads misrepresent facts"

Because the Romney deceptions are just becoming mainstream, I think we will see more poll movement towards Huckabee...or at least Huck holding and Romney falling.
You seem to have been right. Today-caucus day- we have three new polls showing Huck up by five, six and six percent.

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