AP writers concede their defeat, U.S. victory in Iraq

They couldn't resist an inaccurate dig at President Bush's "Mission Accomplished" moment at the end of the combat phrase of an entirely different war- the one against Saddam Hussein. But two Associated Press writers, Robert Burns and Robert H. Reid, have nevertheless just conceded that the United States and the Coalition are on the point of winning the very war the media and the Democrats- Barak Obama among the most prominent of them- were pronouncing hopeless and unwinnable just a few months ago.

Victory in Iraq is something Americans should all be celebrating. Why is it that I detect a note of defeat in the grudging admission of the MSM that it's about to happen? And how can Barak Obama and his supporters in and out of the media have the chutzpah to refuse to admit that history has proven them wrong about the winnability of this war?


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