You probably won't read about much it in American newspapers, but over the weekend allied forces in Iraq scored a decisive military victory that all but assures al Quaeda's defeat in Iraq- and at least one British paper isn't afraid to report it.

Al Quaeda has been driven out of Mosul, its last redoubt in the country's North.

Despite the continuing insistence of the Left that the war in Iraq is doing nothing to help in the worldwide war against terror, the fact is that Iraq is where that war is currently being fought- and the devastation we have dealt to the available supply of jihadis during the Surge has been a secret the Leftist media have kept from the American people very well indeed.

Twelve thousand al Quaeda fighters once occuped Mosul. The last 1,200 have now been either driven out or killed.

The situation in Iraq is looking good enough at the moment that even Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki may be about to pre-empt Barak Obama by proposing his own time-table for American withdrawal from Iraq!

And before our moonbat friends even go there, there is a major difference between Iraq setting a time-table at the end of which it won't need our help, and Obama setting a time-table at the end of which we'll desert Iraq and leave the Iraqis to their fate. It's the difference between victory and defeat- and between honor and dishonor.

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