It is finished: the ELCA renounces biblical sexual ethics

Friday's anticlimactic vote on actively gay pastors could theoretically still go either way- apparently some delegates had left the hall for dinner- but the "Evangelical" "Lutheran" "Church" in America has, by a single vote, approved a social statement declaring the essentially mythological beast (at least among males) the "chaste, monogamous and lifelong" homosexual relationship to be OK with its god.

That such relationships are so rare as to be almost imaginary seems not to have mattered. And
in view of this act of apostasy, the outcome of Friday's vote hardly matters: the ELCA has finally renounced biblical sexual ethics once and for all.

Yet the laity of the ELCA will, for the most part, doubtless continue to rationalize remaining a part of this cult- which simply cannot credibly be seen, at this point, as worshiping the God of the New Testament. But from this point forward, to continue as a member of the ELCA is to be an accomplice in apostacy and in the death of many, many souls.

Thus ends a saga which began with the ELCA itself, and the determined drive of the institutional leaders of that sorry entity ever since to wear the laypeople and the pastors who were faithful to their calling down until they managed to get sexual perversion officially declared to be acceptable Christian behavior.

ADDENDUM: I'm wrong. Upon further review, after the procedural vote the other night, approval of non-celibate gay pastors will only require a simple majority. Wednesday night's blessing of sodomy required two-thirds.

There is absolutely no question that the proposal to ordain non-celibate gays will pass.


Pomeranus said…
It is interesting that as the church wide assembly was moving toward the vote on this deliberate departure from the witness of Scripture and the Lutheran confessions, a tornado struck downtown Minneapolis. Central Lutheran Church, which in ALC days had been the St. Peter's of Minnesota, has in recent years become a central player in the revisionist movement. When the tornado hit, it toppled the cross from the steeple of that church just hours before a neo-pagan imitation of the Lord's Supper was to take place under the banner of Goodsoil to celebrate their victory over orthodoxy. God has provided a fitting metaphor for what has happened. Go to to view an emblematic picture.
Michael Zamzow
Bob Waters said…
That's fascinating. Sort of like the total eclipse at the moment that the doctrine of papal infallibility was promulgated. Or the darkness when Christ was crucified.