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LINO or not, Bachmann's piety deserves respect, not mockery

On one hand, the more I read about Michele Bachmann (whose office has as yet not replied to my inquiry about information I've received from a reliable source that she's left the Lutheran church), the less I think she was ever theologically a Lutheran to begin with.

The interview reported here reinforces that impression. On the other hand, the smarmy tone of the reportage and of the comments by readers of the web page on which it appears make it clear that there are some Americans who actually think it remarkable that a person should seek to conform to God's will in making a major life decision.

I am not an admirer of Ms. Bachmann, and- being a Lutheran in fact as well as in name- I have no particular affinity for her style of Christianity. But I find the religious bigotry of those who both report and comment on her statement and the story linked to above as offensive as it is remarkable.

HT: Real Clear Religion 

ADDENDUM: About Ms. Bachmann's apostasy: make that two reliable sources.