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It's not easy being green

At right is a actual sketch of Dread Cthulhu by Howard Phillips Lovecraft his own self. He (Cthulhu, not Lovecraft) has six eyes.- the better to see in ALL the dimensions, my dear.

The Ol' Soul Eater apparently has scales in Lovecraft's version as well. Figures, since he's a critter of the depths. Seems to kind of slouch, though. He needs to work on his posture.

Incidentally, I learned something new today. At least according to Lovecraft collaborator and mythos author August Derleth, the name of the lord of R'leyh should actually be pronounced "'THOO-loo," not "kuh-THOO-loo."

The "C" is silent. According to Derleth, anyway. But of course, Derleth thought that the Elder Sign looked like this:

whereas Lovecraft sketched it thus:

and in one of his stories suggested that it was something like a swastika (which, given Lovecraft's notorious racism and anti-Semitism, was unfortunate, to say the least).

This confusion would obviously become a significant issue should one find oneself surrounded by hostile Deep Ones.