Chinese dissident Chen leaves U.S. embassy after receiving guarantees of safety

Blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng has left the American embassy in Bejing after receiving assurances from the Chinese government that he would be free to remain in the country and study without molestation.

China has demanded an apology from the American government for giving Chen sanctuary. It will be interesting to see whether the Obama adminsitration has the backbone to refuse to apologize. As for China, it says volumes that its government should demand an apology for sheltering a persecuted dissident instead of displaying injured pride that Chen should have thought that seeking sanctuary was necessary in the first place.

A close friend of Chen has said that Chen was warned that his family would face reprisals of he fled to America. Activists report that "thugs with sticks" awaited Chen and his family at home before the agreement. It should be noted that State Department officials insist that Chen has wanted to remain in China all along.

Chen has been active working on behalf of women forced to have abortions by government policy. Interesting to see the Obama administration active on behalf of those defending the unborn for a change. We'll see how this plays out. On the plus side, though, Chen has already dodged one bullet.

He was told by Secratary of State Hillary Clinton that "I'd like to kiss you!"

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ADDENDUM: Chen has changed his mind. On May 3, Chen communicated his desire to leave China for the United States, citing fears for the safety of himself and his family. Stay tuned for further developments in the ensuing dance between an inept American administration and the most bloodthirsty regime in human history.


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