What if they gave a campaign kickoff, and nobody came?

The Obama campaign held its kickoff yesterday at Ohio State, the largest university in one of the key swing states.

The stadium was half empty.

Meanwhile, it seems that Mitt Romney just can't win. Throughout the primaries, the moderate candidate has had his conservative credentials challenged. And now, it seems, the Obama campaign is determined to portray him as a dangerous reactionary and plutocrat. POTUS implored the American people not ot "take a chance" on Romney, whom he said wants to make slashing cuts on education, clean energy, and health care for the elderly.

This from a president who has increased the deficit by as much in one term as George W. Bush did in two, and has borrowed more money than all the presidents from Washington through Clinton combined.

Dude, if we don't get that deficit under control- the one you're as responsible for as anybody- we're not going to have the money to do anything for education, clearn energy, or the elderly.

Not even Social Security and Medicare.

HT: Drudge