For debate moderators, credibility isn't a requirement

Candy Crowley of CNN, who will be moderating tomorrow night's all-important second debate between President Obama and Governor Romney, once called the GOP ticket a "death wish." How's that for objectivity?

On the other hand, perhaps the words "objectivity" and "Candy Crowley" shouldn't even appear in the same sentence.

For the record, Mr. Obama was a guest at the wedding of the moderator for the vice-presidential debate, Martha Radatz of ABC. And Gwen Ifill of PBS, who moderated one of the Obama-McCain debates four years ago, was at work at the time on a biography of- wait for it-  Barack Obama.

Where do they get these people? Well, I take that question back.

They're just representative of the mainstream media. And their prejudices.

HT: Drudge


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