Election Day Minus Twelve: POTUS fertilizes the campaign rhetoric a bit

President Obama is either getting rattled, or he's letting his dislike of his opponent show. He says that children can tell that Gov. Romney is...er, a purveyor of bovine excrement.

Real Clear Politics National Average: Romney 47.8, Obama 47.1

Tracking polls:

Rasmussen: Romney 50, Obama 47
Gallup: Romney 50, Obama 47
ABC News/ Washington Post: Romney 49, Obama 48
Reuters/Ipsos: Romney 47, Obama 46
AP-GfK Roper: Romney 47, Obama 45

A prominent local polling firm shows Obama and Romney in a virtual tie in... Michigan.

The Obama campaign has apparently given up in North Carolina. They haven't bothered to include the state in their latest round of ads.

HT: Drudge
Real Clear Politics


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