Election Day Minus Nine: Down the home stretch

A new Cincinnati Enquirer/Ohio News Organization Poll of Ohio voters shows a 49%-49% tie between President Obama and Governor Romney.

By most calculations (including mine), whoever carries Ohio a week from Tuesday will almost certainly win the presidency.

Gallup's tracking poll shows Romney with 50% and Obama with 46%. Rasmussen's tracking poll shows an identical result. Rasmussen also shows Wisconsin- usually a reliably "blue" state, in which the president has consistently lead, but the home state of Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan- as a 49%-49% dead heat.

A new ABC News-Washington Post poll shows Romney leading the president 49% to 48%.

While it hardly seems possible, Obama TV ads seem to be getting even more shrill as the president apparently grows more and more desperate:

In the RCP national average, Romney continues to lead Obama by less than percentage point, 47.7% to 46.8%.

My guess is that at this time next week, we'll know who's going to win the election.

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