Newsweek meets a well-deserved end. Sort of.

A long, long time ago, Newsweek was a news magazine. But already back in the 'Sixties, it announced that environmental issues were so important that it would no longer seek to be objective in reporting on them.

Yeah, I know. Didn't make much sense to me, either. But as the years went on, less and less one read in Newsweek made sense. It increasingly became a journal of Leftist opinion- and opposition to historical Christianity- masquerading as a news magazine. Its excursions into liberal theology each Christmas and Easter as it devoted covers to explaining why the biblical accounts shouldn't be trusted became a must-miss tradition for believers and most unbelievers alike.

Perhaps the low point came when Newsweek editorialized that the mere appeal to biblical authority- not any particular theory of biblical authority, mind you, but biblical authority itself- is not only "intellectually bankrupt," but "the worst kind of fundamentalism. This strange, historically nihilistic, and religiously bigoted statement appeared in the same issue as a bizarre "religions case for gay marriage" by religion editor Lisa Miller that gave intellectual bankruptcy- and intellectual dishonesty- a new definition. I responded to Ms. Miller's factually and logically-challenged argument here.

Eventually, it was sold for one dollar to the Washington Post. Today, the the Post's subsidiary, the digital Daily Beast, announced that Newsweek will cease publication on December 31, becoming entirely digital.

Couldn't happen to a more deserving publication.

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