Squadrons of winged pigs block out Iowa sun as the Register endorses Romney!

In Iowa, there are six pigs for every person. And all of them were in the skies this morning.

In Hell, Satan announced an eternal lockout for the newly-formed Infernal Hockey League. The players weren't too disturbed, though, because it's too cold down there for them to exert themselves.

The Des Moines Register- aka "Iowa's Best Red Newspaper," which hasn't endorsed a Republican for president in forty years- has endorsed Mitt Romney.

To say that I didn't see this coming- that nobody did- wouldn't begin to express the shock this state is in. This is a body blow to the Obama campaign in this swing state, and Romney supporters are left wondering, "What's the catch?" That is, after they convince themselves that they're not hallucinating those words on the Register editorial page.

Yeah, I was aware of the huge number of newspapers which endorsed Obama in 2008, but have switched to Romney this time. But the Register?! I would have been less surprised if the New York Times (which didn't, of course) had endorsed Romney.

But New York, of course, isn't a swing state like Iowa. For the first time, I'm getting a hunch that we're going to carry Iowa- and win this election.

Check in next weekend when, I suspect, the national polls break decisively for one candidate or the other, and make the question of whether Romney can catch Obama in Ohio a great deal less agonizing. If the break is as decisive as I suspect it will be, Ohio will be swept up in the tide.


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