Can we take up a collection for your ticket, Piers?

I've never been big on telling people who exercise their First Amendment right of free speech to "love it or leave it." After all, free speech is one of the things about America there are to love. But Piers Morgan is getting on my nerves.

He has every right to say that he thinks the Constitution and the Bible are "flawed." He has every right to display his biblical and theological ignorance on CNN or elsewhere. I don't hold with this talk of deporting him because we don't like his opinions; that smacks of the politically correct Leftist fascism I find so distasteful elsewhere.

But, y'know... when he says that if America doesn't change its "crazy" gun laws, "I might just deport myself," I'm tempted to encourage him. And that despite the fact that I think the founders' intent in writing the Second Amendment is far exceeded by the way the NRA and other conservatives interpret it.

Dude, you have a right to your opinion, uninformed as it usually is.

But I'm getting tired of hearing it. So on one hand, I disagree with those who want to deport you- and so does the Constitution you think is so "flawed."

But on the other hand, if somebody is taking up a collection to buy you a plane ticket, I'd be more than happy to chip in.

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