Ok. He's our first African-American president, and I can understand his election four years ago prompting his selection as Time's "Man of the Year." Then.

But his selection this year- again- brings to mind that Nobel Peace Prize he was awarded for not being George W. Bush. Shouldn't he do something significant in order to qualify? I mean, besides being re-elected. Presidents tend to do that, after all.

Obamacare? Well, that certainly made an impact. Or seems likely to, at least in terms of the chaos it creates. States, after all, are failing to create those exchanges right and left, and companies are dropping their health insurance plans for their employees.

Well, I guess the description of the title does specify that it goes to the person who has made the greatest impact "for good or ill." And I have to admit it: the media's contiued fawning over The One does make me just a little bit ill.

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