Take heart, dreaders of the Mayan "apocalypse"

Only thirteen days before the end of the world, according to some

All over the world, people are in a state of panic because the Mayan calendar ends on that day. They somehow infer that Mayans (obviously privy to inside information) knew that the world would, too.

The trouble is that the Mayans themselves deny it- and so do those who know the most about the Mayan calendar and culture. Archaeologist Richard Henson says, "What we see here is a new era. We are privileged to experiment and enjoy the end of an era that started 3,114 year before Christ.”

 Henson- and the Mayans themselves- explain that the calendar that ends with December 21 merely recorded a 5,126 year cycle or era, and that a new one will start on December 22.

Seems to me that somebody warned us a long time ago that "no one knows the day or the hour." But some people will use any excuse for a good party, I guess.

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