Bottom line: Obamapolous owns the debt

Whatever happens- or doesn't happen- to the debt ceiling, one thing is clear: the debt is no longer a bipartisan problem.

Barack Obama's record on the deficit was sufficiently worse than George W. Bush's that it's inconceivable that the Romney campaign didn't make POTUS own that record. After all, Mr. Obama had raised the debt by as much in one term as Dubyah had in two.

But now, 60% of the debt has been incurred on Mr. Obama's watch- with no sign of actual spending reductions anywhere. In fact, I don't think we will see substantial spending reductions while he- or any other Democrat- is in the White House.

The deficit is Barack Obamapoulous's problem now. And the GOP needs to make it very, very clear that if our economy ends up like that of Greece, the fault is in no possible sense bi-partisan.

HT: Real Clear Politics


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