Cardinal George cuts to the same sex "marriage" chase

Chicago's Roman Catholic archbishop, Francis Cardinal George, herein lays out the basic truth avoided and denied by the "gay marriage" non-debate: the term is an oxymoron. By the very nature of marriage itself, there can be no such thing.

Marriage isn't a religious issue. Nor is it a political one. Neither prelates nor church assemblies nor legislators nor judges have the right to alter the very essence of an institution which comes from nature itself.

A man can no more marry another man, or a woman another woman, than either can swallow a bulldozer.

Theoretically, there is nothing stopping the government from establishing a new legal category to include the tiny minority of gay and lesbian couples- especially the former- who actually choose to avail themselves of "same-sex marriage" in a new legal category granting similar or identical rights as those enjoyed by "straight" couples. But regardless, such new institution wouldn't be marriage.

And the government calling such an arrangement "marriage" doesn't make it marriage, either.

HT: Real Clear Religion


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