The grown-ups win

Despite resistence from the tantrum-throwers in the Republican caucus, House Speaker John Boehner was narrowly re-elected yesterday.

For the past two presidential elections the GOP nominated moderate candidates- John McCain and Mitt Romney- despite several more extreme options. The restraint of the majority of the House Republican caucus is manifest in the passage of the "fiscal cliff" deal and in turning back the challenge to Boener are further evidence that the GOP is not the bunch of wild-eyed reactionaries the White House likes to claim.

I await similar evidence about the Democrats. Alas, moderation on topics such as eating the rich, abortion, and same-sex "marriage" are not apt to manifest themselves among the members of the Donkey Clan.

Incidentally, Boehner and the House GOP have made it clear that their "line in the sand" will be the upcoming vote to raise the debt limit- again. POTUS says that he won't negotiate on the issue.

Maybe he should show some moderation and responsibility and actually cooperate in doing something that will cut that deficit. Matching his rhetoric about a "balanced approach" with action toward actual, meaningful budget cuts would be a good way.


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