NHL lockout ends. Yawn.

So the NHL lockout is over.

I guess I should be excited. But I'm mostly disgusted. It isn't enough that Congress and the president act like children; professional sports teams and their owners have to as well. And in both cases, the losers are the people.

Maybe the Stanley Cup will become something they do every four years, like the World Cup. If so, they should clue us in. I'm getting sick of missing seasons, or large portions of them, so that labor and management can play games instead of the people under contract to do so.

Not much of a season to determine who goes to the playoffs. They still haven't announced when the stump of a season will begin, but I doubt they'll get forty games in.

I guess if I were an L.A. Kings fan, I'd have rooted for the lockout to take all season. That way the Kings could have gotten two years as Stanley Cup champs for the price of one. As it happens, I wish Mr. Bowman had done a little more to strengthen a Blackhawks team which is not even the best in its division right now (that would be the St. Louis Blues).

But I guess we'll see whether Corey Crawford can do the trick in goal for the Good Guys. If not, Bowman had jolly well better make a move.

That is, if the NHL hasn't so thoroughly alienated the fans that we're already going to stay away in droves.


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