Sean Hannity joins the squirrels

We are at a defining moment in American history- and it's nothing short of tragic that the voices being raised against Barack Obama's revolutionary assault on our traditional values and even on the Constitution itself seem largely to be opposed by people who themselves are a couple of bullets short of a full clip.

I continue to be dismayed by how extreme conservatives in general have become since Dubyah left office. Admittedly, the Obama administration has provided plenty of provocation. But now Sean Hannity has joined the chorus of nut jobs who apparently think that secession from the Union is a valid option in view of the continuing degeneration of our culture and society under the Obama administration.

There was never a legal or constitutional basis for secesion to begin with. And once again, the oft-repeated urban legend that a wholly mythological provision in the documents joining the Republic of Texas to the American Union giving Texas the right to secede is just that- a myth.

The present emergency is serious enough that it is absolutely vital that the administration's assault on traditional American values and common sense be led by sane, rational grown-ups. But it seems that those in a position to provide that leadership are systematically turning into fanatics just as radical as the president himself is.

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