So it goes

They laughed at Mitt Romney's aside during the third debate about trouble brewing in Mali.

They aren't laughing anymore.

Bob Scheiffer of that objective and professional news organization, CBS, compares President Obamapoulous's struggle against the gun lobby to the hunt for Osama bin Laden and the crusade to defeat Hitler.

In Mr. Obamapoulous's home state and mine- Illinois- one citizen in three lives at or near the poverty line.

The Artistotle called it "the heart." Sometimes the Hebrews did as well; at other times, spoke of the kidneys. The Chinese located it in the liver (as Victor Borge used to point out, the Chinese word for "fear" translates literally as "to shiver in your liver"). The Bible teaches that it is desperately corrupt; the Reformation taught that is naturally evil, while Catholicism regards it as essentially free, and only inclined toward evil. Its freedom, though, is an essential article of our cultural creed.

But it seems that science is beginning to demonstrate that the human will isn't free after all.

Somebody call Martin Luther. Maybe he can write a book on the subject or something.

HT: Drudge, Real Clear Science


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