Three thoughts

First, the Green Bay Packers are utterly worthless. Not only do they not lose when they're supposed to, they can't even win when they're supposed to.

Secondly, it's nice that enough House Republicans, anyway- the ones who sucked up their own ideology for the good of the country- were sufficiently patriotic and emotionally mature to save the country from an economic crisis which at the very least would have lead to another recession.

Third, its sad that we have a president who campaigned on a "balanced approach" to addressing the deficit, and they rammed through a deal which cuts one dollar in spending for every $41 it raises in increased taxes while adding nearly $4 trillion to the deficit,- and manages- POTUS to the contrary- to raise taxes on 77% of American households despite Mr. Obama's repeated claim that the whole crisis was about avoiding a tax hike on the middle class.

Of course, I also don't get the logic of the wild-eyed Right, who- in the name of avoiding a tax hike for the rich- were willing to ensure a tax hike for everybody by going off the "cliff."

ADDENDUM: The average tax increase will be $1,645.

Sen. Richard Shelby (R- Ala) has it right when he says that "we are becoming another Europe."

This is, of course, still better than going off the cliff would have been (even Paul Ryan voted "yes"). But given the Democrats' history of ramming through tax increases on the basis of spending cuts to come "later" (which somehow never come at all), it's even clearer after this mess than before that the only way the deficit is ever going to be seriously addressed is by a Republican president and a Republican Congress.

I just fear the lack of finesse with which the axe will be wielded in that event.

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Jeff D said…
Actually, the deal does not cut any dollars, despite what the CBO says. The government will continue to spend more this year than last year and more next year than this year. That is not cutting spending.

But at least the Republicans were patriotic and emotionally mature.
Absolutely. Especially since some are so goofy that they would be willing to plunge the country back into recession in order to achieve their entire agenda NOW.