What the cat dragged in

Like this is a surprise: based on a study of college freshmen, Dr. Keith Ablow says that we are raising a generation of "deluded narcisists" with inflated self-images and test scores which don't even come close to matching them.

Actually, I'd say the last generation that description didn't apply to was probably the "Greatest Generation" that fought World War II. We Boomers and our descendants were born "entitled" and inappropriately self-regarding, and have curdled our whole society with our smug intellectual laziness, cheerful self-indulgence, and eagerness to challenge the wisdom of the ages on the basis of inadequate information on everything from personal morality to the relationship of the individual to society to the definition of marriage.

The current crip of freshmen, it seems, ia socially isolated- but thinks that they have "friends" because Facebook tells them they do. And if anyone fails to feed into their inflated self-image, they can easily "unfriend" and block them without consequences.

Maybe the trend will be reversed- or at least slowed. The first cases of antibiotic-resistent gonnorhea have appeared in North America, leading to speculation that the STD may soon be incurable.

Meanwhile, Piers Morgan and friends have discussed shooting Alex Jones, who took Morgan to the cleaners in a debate about guns recently. How civil and tolerant and liberal of you.

Lance Armstrong is going to ask Oprah for televised absolution, while the National Cathedral is to be desecrated by same-sex "marriages."

The New York Times is complaining that President Obama's second-term team is taking on a predominently male look, while the Administration is showing signs of a conversion to conservative values: it says that POTUS appoints people on the basis of merit rather than gender.

But it's going out of the way to provide photo ops featuring female employees anyway.

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ADDENDUM: Pastor Marcus Zill has a fine podcast on that study of freshmen here.