All the president's chutzpah

Bob Woodward of the Washington Post says that the White House has threatened him about his ongoing claims that President Obama is lying about the sequestration negotiations and mishandling the crisis.

Woodward- who helped bring down President Nixon and wrote a book criticizing George W. Bush for the Iraq war- says that the president is "wrong" to blame the GOP for the mandatory budget cuts which will kick in tomorrow.

Here are more details of the Woodward charge of attempted intimidation.

Predictably, the Left is leading a charge to villify and discredit Woodward. Character assassination seems to be the natural first recourse of many "progressives" when confronted by charges they can't credibly refute- and often even tot hose they think they can.

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen whether the Post- which recently let it casually slip that it's the editorial policy if the paper to treat all opponents of same-sex "marriage-"including traditional, biblical Christians-  as the moral equivalent of racists-  supports Woodward the way it did when his targets were Republican presidents. It should be noted, however, that Woodward does not believe that Obama is personally involved in the attempt to intimidate him, and would disapprove of it if he knew about it.

The White House denies Woodward's claim of attempted intimidation by anybody, pointing out that Woodward is "getting old."


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