More on Richard III

The City of York has petitioned Queen Elizabeth to allow Richard III's remains to be interred at York Minster.

It seems only fitting, given Richard's identification with and popularity in York and the North of England during his lifetime. In fact, Richard had planned to be buried in York Minister, rather than in the traditional royal precincts in Westminster Cathedral. Despite the City of Leicester's desire for a lucrative tourist site and its claims as the place where King Richard's bones have rested since 1485, it strikes me that since we know the wishes of the decedent, the decent thing would be to honor them.

I just read an interesting post on Facebook from a woman whose son has scoliosis almost identical to the case Richard apparently had. She says that the "deformity" isn't even noticable, and hasn't prevented him from living an active and physically energetic life.

Also, Sharon Kay Penman's The Sunne in Spendour, a masterful retelling of the story from the Ricardian point of view, has lept overnight from number 320 to number 84 on Amazon, and rumors of a movie are starting.

I think it would be a pretty excellent piece of cinema. It's about time the other side was told.


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