Omnium gatherum

The co-chair  of the Commision for Presidential Debates has agreed that having Candy Crowley moderate the second debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney was a mistake.

Crowley supported a false statement by the president that he had characterized the Benghazi incident as a terrorist attack.

Melowese Richardson, the Ohio Democratic polling official who has admitted voting for President Obama twice- and defended having done so- may in fact have voted as many as six times. She doesn't regard it as "a big deal."

Paddy Power lists the Blackhawks as 5-1 favorites to win the Stanley Cup. Pittsburgh is second at 6-1, Anaheim third at 17-2, and Vancouver and Boston tied for fourth at 9-1.

Peter Cardinal Turkson of Uganda continues to be listed as the favorite to be the next Pope, followed by Angelo Cardinal Scola of Milan.

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