Presidential hate speech

President Obama says that helping the rich is the only thing that "holds the Republican party together."

How about concern for the lives of the unborn, for the institution of marriage, and for getting Americans of all income levels on their feet again through the kind of job creation that can only be achieved by companies having jobs?

How about lowering the deficit in a way that doesn't cost jobs? For that matter, how about lowering the deficit at all, instead of agreeing to do it later if the Republicans will agree to job-killing tax cuts now- as the Democrats have done repeatedly over the years, prior to breaking their word when it comes to doing anything about the deficit?

If a Republican said that destroying America's moral standards and institutions was the only thing that held the Democratic party together, he would be rightly condemned for it. But when POTUS- or any Democrat- resorts to slander and ad hominems as transparently outrageous as this one, there isn't a peep from anybody he isn't targeting.

This odd double standard is, of course, par for the course in American politics. Mr. Obama won re-election essentially by lying outrageously about Mitt Romney's proposals and record, and the media was pretty much silent- that is, when it wasn't becoming an accomplice in the Obama-Biden campaign's months-long onslaught of slander, libel  and misinformation.

Hey, "progressives." Hate speech isn't cool.

It's your concept, not ours. It's just that you're so much better at it than we are.

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