Uh-oh: Hillary fudging on pledge not to run in 2016

Hillary Clinton has let it slip that she just might run for president in 2016 after all, telling the Associated Press that the Benghazi travesty won't affect her decision.

Clinton has insisted ever since losing the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination to Barack Obama that she would never run for president again. But she is the overwhelming favorite for the 2016 nomination anyway- and at this point, the overwhelming favorite to succeed Mr. Obama as well.

Secretary Clinton, who leaves office today, told the AP that critics of the State Department's handling of the incident in which a U.S. ambassador and other American diplomatic personnel were killed don't live in an "evidence-based world," and "refuse to accept the facts-" an odd position for the head of a department which not only failed to protect the Benghazi consulate despite warnings of possible violence, but insisted for days that it had been the result of a "spontanous demonstration" despite the use of rocket-propelled grenades, mortars, and other items not usually found in the pockets and purses of causual pedestrians even in Libya.

The report Clinton cites as support is in fact highly critical of the State Department- so much so that three top-level State Department officials were fired over it.

Naturally, she will be allowed to get away with it by her admirers in the media.

Meanwhile, the unemployment rate is back up to 7.9%.

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