Jeb hints 2016 run for White House

Jeb Bush- the former Florida governor and the Bush who should have run for president in 2000- has dropped a hint that he might well run for the office in 2016.

He'd be gambling that the American people would look past an unpopular last name to the man, who is pretty impressive.

With the demise of Jon Huntsman as a serious candidate (his decision to come out for same-sex "marriage" has marginalized him beyond redemption in the eyes of most of the people who would have been his potential supporters), Jeb is probably the best-qualified Republican available. And his positions dovetail with mine quite nicely- more so, in fact, than any candidate I can remember off hand.

He said he wasn't going to declare his candidacy yet, and I'm not going to endorse him yet. But even this early, I'm leaning that way. "The smart Bush" may be just what the country is ready for after four years of the all-sizzle, no steak incumbent.

He seems to me right now to be the most serious and substantial option in sight.

HT: Drudge


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