What sequester?

The word "FREEDOM" is one of the vanity license plates now banned in Washington, D.C.

Apparently the Orlando Sentinel hasn't gotten the message that the photos of Trayvon Martin I disavowed the other day are of another Trayvon Martin.

Speaking of Trayvon Martin, the young woman who told police that she had been talking to Martin on the telepone just before he was killed, that he had told her that he was "scared" because a strange man had been following him,  and that she had missed his funeral because she was hospitalized apparently lied about the latter. There are no records of her hospitalization.

In the rapidly fluctuating odds on the identithy of the next pope, Cardinal Turkson leads today at 5-2.

The two main Italian contenders, Cardinal Scola and Cardinal Bertone, come next at 7-2. Cardinal Ouellet is next at 7-2 each.

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