Scala strengthens his position as papal favorite

Angelo Cardinal Scola, the archbishop of Milan (and the guy I personally think will be the next pope) has solidified his position over at Paddy Power. He's now 2-1 to be the next to sit on the throne Peter never sat on.

Peter Cardinal Turkson of Ghana, whom I personally hope will be the next pope (we pusillanimous white Western Christians could use some inspiration from dynamic and aggressive African Christianity), is now 4-1. 

The Camerlengo of the Catholic church, Tarcisio Cardinal Bertone (who is not my favorite candidate: see the current National Review for reasons why his dealings with Cuba as Vatican Secretary of State raise questions) is 5-1.

Odilo Cardinal Scherer of Brazil is 7-1, and Marc Cardinal Ouelette of Canada is 10-1.

But remember: as the Vatican proverb goes, "He who goes into the conclave as pope comes out as a cardinal."


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